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July 6, 2016

5 Places With Romantic Powers – Live Your Fairy Tale

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Romantic Places

When we are in a relationship, what do we want the most? To stay that way forever. Unfortunately, Cupid can’t attend to the multitude of relationship drama all at once! So, don’t worry, if Cupid can’t come to you then you can go to places with romantic powers! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? There are certain places which are believed to have romantic powers – so don’t wait, plan a trip to these places and see what it does for your relationship!

#1 Alley of the Kiss

This place is in Mexico and is filled with lovers who want to stay in love! It is said that kissing here can bring you 15 years of romantic luck, so go and try it out.

#2 Juliet’s wall

We all know Juliet from the epic love-story, Romeo and Juliet. This wall is in Verona and people write letter to her and paste them on these walls so that she may grant them eternal love. It is worth a try!

#3 Valentine

You can go pay your respects to St. Valentine himself on Valentine’s day! He is buried in Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin, so pray to him to make your love last forever.

#4 The Kissing Bench

This bench is in Syracuse and it is believed that if you kiss on it then you are sure to end up getting married!

#5 The Bridge of Sighs

Situated in Italy and couples prefer to  travel on gondola rides and kiss specifically under the bridge at the sunset so that they can stay with their loved ones forever.

So, here are some places which you can add to your bucket list when you are travelling with your partner. May the kisses spread their magic.

Live. Laugh. Love !

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