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January 18, 2017

5 Places In Gujarat And Their Famous Delicacies

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Gujaratis are the most avid eaters and biggest foodies. Being a hearty eater, many places in Gujarat have a famous delicacy which is known all around and is loved by all. Here are 5 such places in Gujarat and their famous food dishes:

#1 Rajkot ke Pede

Rajkot, also frequently referred to as ‘Rangilu Rajkot’ which means colourful Rajkot, is a diverse cultured city. People there belong to different places with various languages, Gujarati being the most prominent one.
Rajkot is known for its mawa peda. It’s that delicacy which will indulge you into the world of sweetness. A rich Indian dish, you’ll find the best in this city.

#2 Bhavnagari Gathiya

The cultural capital of Gujarat, Bhavnagar happens to be the city of education and culture. Being one of the largest cities in Gujarat, the city has developed many writers, thinkers and poets. And of course, when it comes to the city, Bhavnagar is widely known for its delicious tea time snack Gathiya. In fact, there are various special recipes named Bhavnagari gathiya! Many people go to Bhavnagar only to enjoy this delicious snack with tea.

#3 Ahmedabad’s Dal Vada

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, with people coming from diverse culture, adding to the already high population in the city. Ahmedabad is also called the college hub of Gujarat. People travel from all around to study here. And what is the most loved food item for these Amdavadis? A dish called Dal Vada. Despite being a South Indian snack, dal vada is heartily eaten here and is famous all around for it. If you ever travel to ahmedabad, do not forget to try this delicacy.

#4 Kutch ka Gulaab Pak

Most of us are acquainted with Kutch by its famous desert and the Rann Utsav held there every year. Kutch is the most interesting district where there are but very few permanent residents, while the rest consists of nomadic, semi nomadic and artisans group. Kutch has end number of sweet brands, and the most famous sweet among all of them is the sweet Gulaab Pak. It is a barfi made from rose petals and concentrated milk, presented as gifts or as welcoming snack in the entire place. Kutch assures you’d love the Gulab Pak there, a barfi so awesome you’d never have tasted it before.

#5 Jamnagar ki Kachori

Jamnagar is famous for the only marine sanctuary in India, the Marine National Park. It is famous for the various marble temples established there. What Jamnagar is also famous for is its kachoris. A deep fried crispy snack with a filling full of spices, you get packets and packets of kachoris in Jamnagar, and they are delectable! You’ve got a lot to see and a lot to eat while travelling to Jamnagar, that’s for sure! 😉

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