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February 4, 2017

5 Perfect Hairstyles For Short Hair Length

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5 Hairstyles for Girl with Short Hair

Life is short and so is time these days. In keeping with our busy milieu many women are now opting for low maintenance short hair as compared to long flowy tresses. Many people think short hair does not leave much scope for styling, so, let this article break that myth for you. Here are 5 wonderful hairstyles for you short hair-

#1 The puff and braid

This is a hairdo which is extremely simple and would take 5 minutes at most. Side part your hair, and from the end of the side parted hair, take a part from the middle part and comb and clip it or tie it into a perfect puff ponytail. Take the hair on the right side of the puff and taking a few strands from under the left side of the pony and tie another overlapping pony with all the hair. Take hair from the front of your head’s right side and braid it and clip the braid on and tuck it inside the right pony. This hairstyle is wearable with any attire.

Here is the tutorial for both this and upturned pony!

#2 Upturned ponytail

Tie three low ponytails and take the end of the ponytail and turn it inside out. Do the same for each ponytail and if you wish you can also put a fancy clip or a bow in the middle.

#3 Pixie cut

Stop getting the same old bob or blunt cut and opt for a more daring pixie cut instead. You could even wear your pixie in streaks. Pixie looks very smart if carried well. Lily Collins could be your inspiration for this style-

#4 Wavy Bob

Bob usually is only thought of as straight and sleek but it can also look very cute if layered at the bottom and made to look wavy. The wavy bob is a beautiful way to style your regular short hair. Here is Anne Hathaway looking gorgeous in this style!

#5 3 minutes Updo

Fluff up your hair with your hands with a bit of spray or gel a few times and then comb it thoroughly. Part it from the middle. Take a bit of hair serum and crush your hair all around your head. Then take a teasing come to brush up a part of your hair, twist, fluff and set it at the back of your head. Do the same with both the right and left side and clip them together. Wear your wreath or band and take strands of your hair, twist and tuck them at the back. The remaining hair in the back of the head is also to be tucked in with pins so that it stays in plays. And voila! You will have the perfect updo!

Go ahead and try out these styles and check which one suits you best. You can also modify on these styles and try whatever you feel is fashionable and beautiful!

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