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October 20, 2016

5 Oldest Surviving Trees in the World

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There are a number of ancient and old things present in this world, like monuments, built eons ago and still stand. Books, jewelry, clothes and much more! One of the things that we do not think of when speaking of ancient is trees. You may think that banyan tree is the oldest tress but that is not true. We list 5 oldest surviving trees that are more than 1000 years old.

#1 Old Tjikko (Sweden)

Old Tjikko is the oldest known living tree of the world, which sprouted around 9550 years ago during the last ice age. The tree located in the Dalarna province of Sweden is 16 foot tall and looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. The tree was named so after the dead dog of the geologist, Leif Kullman who discovered it. The roots of this tree started to grow when the British Isles were still connected to Europe by an ice bridge.

#2 Methuselah

The 5000 years old bristle-cone pine tree is located in California’s White Mountains and is considered to be the oldest non- clonal tree in the world. The place where the tree is located is a secret Forest Service for its protection.

#3 Llangernyw (North Wales)

This tree is included among the 50 Great British Trees by the UK Tree Council in 2002. It is a 4000 years old yew tree. The tree was planted during the period when the Egyptian Pyramids were considered as a new development.

#4 Zoroastrian Sarv (Iran)

It is an Iranian National Monument located in the central Iran. The tree was planted when the ancient people in Central Asia were inventing wheels with spokes and over its long tenure of 4000 years has even witnessed the beginning of the modern human civilization.

#5 The Tree of One Hundred Horses (Sicily)

The Tree of One Hundred Horses, this tremendous chestnut close to the Mount Etna well of lava in Sicily, is thought to be somewhere around 2,000 and 4,000 years of age. Its unique name originates from an old legend where 100 submerged knights and their sopping horses looked for shelter from a rainstorm underneath the tree’s defensive branches. It’s verging on trustworthy: This really monstrous tree holds the world record for size, checking in at 190 feet in perimeter—almost the length of a hockey arena.

Featured Image Source: http://www.boredpanda.com

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