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June 20, 2016

5 Odd Albert Einstein Facts That’ll Leave You Surprised

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Have you ever heard that the genius who gave us The Relativity Theory was born with a big head that his mother thought that he was a deformed child? Yes, you heard it right I am talking about Albert Einstein. HookedUpon will reveal to you here 5 shocking revelations, 5 crazy facts about this remarkable scientist. These are a few Albert einstein facts :

#1 Einstein’s large head, a concern for his family

Albert Einstein’s childhood tale reveals an unexpected fact about him. Einstein’s mother Pauline gave birth to Albert on March 14, 1879; she and the whole family was shocked because a son with an abnormally large head was born. The rear of Albert Einstein’s head was so enormous that his parents regarded it a monstrosity.  The physician however calmed them down, and later the shape of head was normal. Albert grew normally except that he seemed a little slow.

albert einstein facts- Albert Child


#2 Started speaking at 3  and started to read at 7 

Albert Einstein’s life remains an inspiration to many. Einstein as a child had difficulty in speaking. He hardly ever spoke and when he did, he mumbled words in his head prior to speaking them out audibly. Einstein started to speak only after he was 3 years of age. He also had difficulty in reading. His parents at first thought that he was challenged. Otto Neugebauer, the historian of early mathematics, remarked how Einstein’s parents were concerned about his speech progress in one of his reports.

albert einstein facts - Einstein

#3 The Contract between Einstein and his First Wife Mileva

Albert Einstein fell in love with the only female Physics major, Mileva Maric, at the Polytechnic in Zurich College. In spite of opposition from his family he married Mileva. Their love is well-authenticated in letters which they had been writing to each other between 1897 and 1903. When the academic success and the world travel of Einstein started to interfere in their marriage they had to go through a rough patch. Einstein afterward became separated from his wife. But the two attempted to fix things and Einstein planned a strange contract, which makes him appear as a misogynist.  So on looking deep into this strangest of Albert Einstein’s facts, the contract reads:

Albert Einstein Facts - Einstein and his First Wife Mileva


#4 Einstein Urged FDR to Build the Atom Bomb

Here’s one of the Albert Einstein Facts that will make you open your mouth wide. Feared by the increasing power of Nazi Germany, physicist Leo Szilard persuaded Einstein to write a letter to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, influencing the US to build up an atom bomb before Germany created one. But even though Einstein was a famous physicist, the army regarded him to be a safety threat and did not engage him to assist in Manhattan Project, a clandestine mission sparked off by Roosevelt to create an atom bomb.
albert einstein facts - slizard

#5 Brain pickled in a Jar for 43 Years

Pathologist Thomas Schultz Harvey detached Einstein’s brain after his death in 1955 and carried it home. Schultz carried on Einstein’s postmortem and took out his brain without any permission from his family. Schultz reportedly sent slices of Einstein’s brain to different scientists in different parts of the world. One of these scientists, Marian Diamond of UC Berkeley, revealed that Einstein had considerably more glial cells in the area of the brain accountable for synthesizing information. Later on in 1998, Albert Einstein brain was handed over to Dr. Elliot Krauss, the staff diagnostician at Princeton University. Isn’t this one of the most interesting Albert Einstein Facts!!

Albert Einstein Facts - Brain pickled in a Jar for 43 Years


Featured Image Source: ScientificAmerican

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