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August 31, 2016

5 New Soft Drinks that Can Easily Beat Coke

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Soft Drinks

Do you remember FP? If you are a 90s kid, then you will relate to what I am talking about. For those who don’t, FP is an abbreviation for Fountain Pepsi. Pepsi or Coca Cola has a special place in our heart and we almost go nostalgic when we see glass bottles. While we know drinking too much Cola is bad for our health; we yearn for it.

If you are looking for an alternative or are like me who love to try new flavored drinks, then these 5 soft drinks are refreshing and will give Cola a stiff competition.

#1 Limonata

This lemon flavoured fizzy drink by Bisleri is refreshing, good and cheap. Take a break from the typical cold drinks like Sprite or LMN and try Limonata instead! Moreover, they come in really cute bottles and cans.

#2 Pina Colada

Another of the same series of soft drinks launched by Bisleri is Pina Colada. The cola and the orange flavored are nice too, but PinaCcolada, the pineapple flavored cold drink, beats them all. This one comes with a fresh tangy flavor and is a bit less fizzy and needless to say, tastes great!

#3 Paperboat

The whole series of drinks by Paperboat are known for their exorbitant flavor. From golgappe ki paani to jaljeera, you will find flavors from every part of India in their cold drinks. Try their latest jamun flavor!

#4 Rio

The series of cold drinks by Rio can be your rescue this summer. The funky cans and the attractive flavor names are sure to catch your eyes. The drinks are mostly fruit juice based but have the perfect balance of fizz as well. Chakra, the one that comes in a purple can is their best.

#5  7up Revive

7up’s newest member in the clan is Revive. Though promoted as an energy drink, Revive can be the perfect substitute for any conventional cold drink. It is a fizzy drink with a tad bit of salty flavor which can help you beat the heat and feel refreshed at the same time.

Featured Image: http://www.ihdimages.com

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