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July 24, 2016

5 Mysteries That Are Unexplained Till Date

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Human beings have progressed day by day as science has progressed. In the 21st century, we can solve almost everything with a scientific solution. Though we live in an age where technology serves our every need and answer every question a few mysteries have remained unsolved till date. Here are five of the unsolved mysteries we have no answer or scientific explanation till date.

#1 Mystery Of Sailing Stone

Located in Eastern California, Death Valley is the hottest area in North America. The death Valley stones, no less heavy than 7000 pounds are the source of an unsolved mystery. The weighty rock also known as sailing stones, moving rocks  and rolling stones move on the surface of death valley without any intervention of any exterior forces. While a group of scientists predicted the wind is the reason for the movement of this stone, a group of scientists debunked this theory as the stones do not follow any specific direction more rather its change track on its own.

#2 Atlantis

According to the description of Greek Philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a very powerful and prosperous city of ancient Greece that had conquered many parts of Asia and Europe. However, tragedy struck. The great city fell victim of the wrath of the ocean and drowns in a single day. While scientists and historians are still trying to find the ruin of the city some has concluded Plato’s words on Atlantis was simply a work of fiction inspired from the Trojan War and Thera eruption. Whatever the truth is this ancient city will always remain a source of fantasy to us.

#3 The Identity of Jack The Ripper

The name Jack The Ripper sends a chill down our spine even after two centuries. This serial killer had ruthlessly murdered eleven women in London and their bodies were damaged beyond recognition. Though multiple times detectives of many generations tried to unveil the identity of the serial killer with the help of science and modern equipment, it still remained a mystery.

#4 Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda triangle located between the points of Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. For many centuries, this place is the abode of many mysterious disappearances. Numerous ships, planes and submarines have disappeared here. Many theories like alien theories or gas bubble theories are presented to describe it, but the real reason behind the mystery is still unknown.

#5 The Mystery of The Mary Celeste

We’ve all heard stories of ghostly ships. Except this one is not a story. On 7th November 1872, Captain Briggs set his voyage to Italy with his wife, daughter and eight crew members on a ship named ‘Mary Celeste’. The ship never reached its destination. When the boat was found, it was undamaged. However, none of the people were on the ship. Their personal belongings were intact, rations were full and bottles of alcohols were sealed. Many theories were presented like pirates attack and giant squid attack to describe the unknown, but none explained the reason of unscathed ship and vanished crew.

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