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June 3, 2016

5 Must Watch Indian Web Series on YouTube

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TVF Pitchers

The increasing accessibility of the Internet and platform like YouTube has given opportunities to individuals to showcase their talent. With the further introduction of smartphones and cutting edge apps and softwares; it has now become easier to launch your own YouTube channel well under budget. AIB, TVC, EIC and IISuperwomanII are our choice to watch when we have nothing to watch on television. Some of these channels have launched their own mini web series just like we watch sitcoms or TV series. If you have not yet watched one, then here are 7 must watch Indian web series on YouTube that would be amazing to begin with:

#5 TVF’s Permanent Roommates

This web series is about a girl and a guy who are in a long distance relationship. The girl decides to call it off one day when suddenly the guy appears at her doorstep with a proposal. Then, chaos endures. Permanent Roommates traces the journey of the relationship of this couple from long distance to live-in to marriage. Two seasons of the show have already been aired and we can’t wait to watch the third!

#4 Baked

This series follows the story of 3 Delhi boys who decide to get into a part-time entrepreneurship venture to have an added source of income. And where there are college boys, hunger and business ideas, misadventures ought to be there. And this groovy ride of the three friends makes it a must watch web series on YouTube.

#3 Bang Bajaa Baaraat

What happens when the families of the bride and the groom, who come from different backgrounds, meet each other for the first time just 2-3 days before the marriage? Hell breaks loose. To witness this crazy, go ahead to watch this must watch Indian YouTube web series.

#2 Man’s world

This must watch web series is set in a world where gender roles of our world are reversed. Women are treated like men and men get the treatment that is given to women. This series is not just entertainment but also throws light on the plight of women in day to day life.

#1 TVF’s Pitchers

The show revolves around 4 friends who want to establish a startup of their own. One of the best web series, it is featured in the IMDb list of top 250 TV shows. Brilliantly written, shot, directed and edited, you take back a lot from this absolutely must watch Indian web series.

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