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August 27, 2017

5 Must Read Meg Cabot Books

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What are those things you still remember your high school days? I remember fun with friends, the fear of homework, talking about Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana and getting crazy over Meg Cabot’s books. There was at least one girl in every class who were reading a Meg Cabot book disguised as a study book while the teacher was in the classroom. A Meg Cabot book is enjoyable for readers of all ages. If you have never read Meg Cabot, this is the five books you should start with. And if you’ve already read them, re-reading them is never a bad idea.

#5 The Princess Diaries Series

I’m sure you all have seen The Princess Diaries movie where Anne Hathaway played the adorable Princess Mia. The Princess Diaries is one of the best young adult novels ever. When an ordinary and clumsy teenager, Mia comes to know that she is a princess, her life changes. She must go through princess training and become worthy of the throne. Could a regular girl emerge as a princess?

#4 Teen Idol

The protagonist of this story is Jenny Greenly who secretly writes the advice column in her school’s newspaper. Enters teen heartthrob Luke Striker, who is working in a high school movie, but his fame never allowed him to go into high school. Thus he has no idea about the lives of high school teens. When he joins the school in disguise, it falls on Jenny to show him around and most importantly protect his cover. What will happen when his cover blows up by accident. To know you have to read the book.

#3 The Boy Next Door

Melissa, a gossip columnist for the New York Journal had to admit her neighbor Mrs. Helen Friedlander to a hospital, she called her nephew to take care of her pet. However, the nephew is on a vacation with a supermodel. So he calls his best friend, John Trent, a crime reporter for help. Anyway, John works for the New York Chronicle, the biggest competitor of the New York Journal. What will happen when Melissa will come to know about Trent’s identity?

#2 Size 12 Is Not Fat

After losing her pop-idol life, recording contract and her money to her mother, Heather Wells is now an average size 12 American woman who has a job of an assistant dorm director at one of New York’s top colleges. She is happy with her new life. But when students of the college start turning up dead, and the police dismissed it as a result of prank got too far Heather decided to take a new career. She decided to turn into a detective. Can she unmask the mystery behind the deaths?

#1 The Boy Is Back

It took only one post on the internet to destroy the career of Reed Stewart as a pro golfer. He is forced to go back to his hometown to face his father and her former girlfriend Becky, whom he didn’t talk to in past ten years. Becky, who is now a successful business woman has no intention to face her past boyfriend either. But, the universe has another plan for them? They have to face their past to have the future they deserve.

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