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July 27, 2016

5 Music Festivals in India for the Music Lovers

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India has always been a country of music lovers. Like every state here has its own culture, the taste and practice of music also varies from state to state. The music festivals in India are a great way to experience live music, and of course India has something for everyone, from classic music lovers to those who love electric music. Here are 5 best music festivals in India which are completely worth travelling for:

#1 Dover Lane Music Conference

Dover Lane Music Conference possibly needs no introduction to those who love classical music. Started in 1952, this grand music conference is held every year in Kolkata. Considered as one of the best of its kind, Dover Lane has held the legacy of bringing in the maestros every year.

#2 Madras Music Season

One of the best platforms to showcase one’s skills of Carnatic Music, Madras Music Season was started in 1927. This festival organized in Chennai stretches a month long, from December to January.

#3 Ziro Festival

Now moving on to the other genres of music- Ziro Festival of Music, held in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh is perfect for the jazz and rock lovers. Ziro Festival of Music mostly provides a platform to the independent bands in India. But the best thing about this festival has to be its location. Imagine yourself sitting on the green pasture of a quaint hill listening to your favourite music!

#4 Sunburn

Sunburn Festival held in Vagator Beach, Goa is Asia’s #1 music festival in terms of footfall. Goa remains badly crowded during this one week of the year, but then, this crowd and this ambience is worth experiencing once at least!

#5 Ragasthan

Ragasthan is a pretty new addition to the clan of music festivals in India.
Held in the Khudi Dunes near Jaisalmer during November every year, this 4 day long festival has everything one might love, from music, movies, art to photography all set against the enchanting desert of Rajasthan!

Featured Image Source: www.vibe.com

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