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March 18, 2017

5 Minor Characters Who Became Major Characters

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When a show is created, the creator has to imagine major characters, their backgrounds, as well as minor characters. Minor characters or background characters are those, who are intended to be the less important characters. But sometimes a few minor characters capture the attention of audiences or creators. Which makes the writers change their pre-planned story and rewrite the story keeping these characters in mind, and they become a major character.
These five popular characters were sketched as a minor character. However, they became star characters:

#1 Felicity Smoak, ‘Arrow’
This cute nerdy girl brings the comic relief with her crazy one-liners in the dark show. Over the time, Oliver and Felicity became one of the most loved couples on TV. Originally, the character of Felicity was planned for one episode only. But, thankfully the creators noticed the undeniable chemistry between Emily Brett-Richards (Felicity) and Stephen Amell (Oliver) and fans got their favorite couple ‘Olicity’.

#2 Jesse Pinkman, ‘Breaking Bad’
While Walter White of Breaking Bad is counted as an iconic character of TV, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) became the favorite amongst fans. The producers had different plans for this character, though. Jesse was destined to be killed at the end of season 1, in a drug dealing went wrong. However, the series creator Vince Gilligan modified his plan and we get to see a lot more of him.

#3 Castiel, ‘Supernatural’
None can envision Supernatural without this hot angel Castiel, played by Misha Collins. He keeps the show interesting by adding spice to it and bringing unimaginable twists. He was only planned for six episodes of the 4th season of the show. But, as he became a fan favorite, he was promoted to a series regular from season 5.

#4 The Cigarette Smoking Man, The X-Files
The fans of X-Files love to hate him and hate to love him. However, they all agree the show would have been dull without a villain like him. He did not only terrorize Mulder and Scully in many occasions, he scared fans to death numerous times. The Cigarette Smoking Man or The Cancer Man played by William B. Davis was originally written as an extra for the first episode only and he had no dialogue at all. However, the creator, Chris Carter made a few changes to the story line and he went on becoming one of the greatest TV villains ever.

#5 Summer, ‘The OC’
Can you imagine ‘The OC’ without the love story of Seth and Summer? Well, the producer had imagined it that way. Summer was intended as a minor character, which would have only appeared in a few episodes of season 1. Nonetheless, the acting skill of Rachel Bilson (Summer) and her chemistry with Adam Broady (Seth) made producers rethink, and she became a regular character.

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