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August 6, 2016

5 Millionaire Beggars Of The Country

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Every profession must be valued and not frowned upon. There are professions like maid servant, drivers, sweeper and beggars, whom we don’t even think of as professions. But imagine a day when your maid doesn’t show up or your colony streets stink because the garbage guy is on strike? While we may not understand the situation; we must learn to respect such individuals. Some of these individuals have even become millionaires. We bring you 5 beggars who have become millionaires and continue to beg.

#1 Bharat Jain
Meet the richest beggar of the country, Bharat Jain, a 49 year old who owns two flats worth 70 lakhs each. Apart from that he also has a shop which earns him a rent of Rs 7000 per month. Though his family already runs a business of stationary material and school books, he has not left his original profession of begging.

#2 Sambhaji Kale
He is a man family man of four earning around a thousand rupees per day. He begs around the Khar region in Mumbai and has a flat in Virar, two flats along with a piece of land in Virar, besides a few lakhs that he has in his bank account.

#3 Sarvatia Devi
Sarvatia Devi is perhaps the richest and the most female beggar of the country. Residing in Patna, she lives in a comfortable house in Ashok Cinemas and travels through trains free of cost. Along with that she also manages to pay an annual insurance of Rs. 36000.

#4 Massu
Massu or Malana is a perhaps a beggar with panache. He is daily regime includes taking an auto- rickshaw from his house to a film studio and then getting ready in the costume of a beggar and then working very hard for 8 hours and then finally boarding a Auto rickshaw again to his home. He owns property worth 30 lakhs beside other assets that he refuses to disclose.

#5 Krishna Kumar Gite
Krishna Kumar Gite is another young and successful beggar who manages to earn 1500 per day. he already owns a flat at Nallaspara, Mumbai where he lives with his brother. He further adds that he stays away from money his brother handles all the finances.

Featured Image Source – http://www.thehansindia.com

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