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August 26, 2016

5 Mantras to Help You Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Rooms

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Mantras to colour your room

Why is it that we are more comfortable in a certain room and really uneasy in another one? Why is it that we fall in love with a product of a particular colour, and go on to hate the same product in a different colour? The answer to this lies in colour psychology. We respond to different colours in different way. So colour plays a very important role in our life. When it comes to choosing the right colour for our rooms, we have to be extra cautious because we will always be surrounded by the particular colour and colour can directly affect our mood.

#1 Make small experiments

Take a small room or a small area of the wall and try out the colour. This will make sure that you get enough idea about how your room will look and whether or not you like it. You can choose colour based on your favourite products kept in your room.

#2 Consider your mood

A lot depends on the mood you want to create in your room. If you want to create a calm and peaceful environment go for lighter and cooler shades of colours like neutral colours. To create a vibrant and dramatic effect you can opt for bright colours. To give your bedroom a romantic touch, go for cool colours like lavender and blue. To give it a bold look you can experiment with red and gold. Too much of bright colour in your child’s room can cause irritability. Go for subtle colours.

#3 Pay attention to the lighting

Natural light tends to bring out the real colour of your walls, where as incandescent lighting can bring out the warm tones. So base your colour codes on the lighting system of your place.

#4 Changing the depth of your room

Your room colour can actually change the apparent depth of your room. To create the visual of lesser height of your ceiling, give it a colour darker than the rest of your walls. To make it appear higher, colour it in a shade lighter than other walls of the room. Similarly you can make your room look smaller by painting one of the walls in a darker shade.

#5 Consider your furniture

Depending on the colour and type of furniture you have, you can choose colour for the room which can actually accentuate your statement furniture. The trick is not to match the entire colour of the furniture with the colour of the wall but to match just a part of it.

These are some of the basic things you can keep in mind while selecting the right colour for your dream home.

Featured Image Source: http://www.talesfromahappyhouse.com

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