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June 24, 2016

5 Life-Remolding Advises From Dead Poet’s Society

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There are movies we enjoy watching, some of them evoke thoughts, initiate great talk, but a few days later, they sink into oblivion. And then there are movies those become unforgettable. Even after several years they remain bring in our evanescent memory. ‘Cause those movies were not only a source of entertainment to us, but gave us new perspective towards life.

‘Dead Poets Society’ is one of those cherished movies. We never stop to wish to have a teacher  like John Keating to guide us on the journey called life. Though Keating was never physically present in our lives, yet he led us to know what is our ability and what we can offer to the world.

Here are 5 quotes of Keating that taught us to view the world from a different perspective.

#1  This decodes the ultimate teaching of life, the significance of “Carpe Diem”  in our mortal life. With a few simple words, Keating made us realize humans don’t have eternity on the earth, therefore, every passing moment are priceless


#2 John Keating was a romantic by heart. According to him human beings are full of passion. Without doctors, engineers and lawyers, we might not survive, but that’s not all. This universe has much more to offer. Surviving is not enough for human beings, but we are born to live. Literature, love and beauty keep us alive.


#3 Robin Williams as Keating’s has greatly inspired everyone who are still unable to seek their inner worlds. He persuades us to discover and follow our own dreams. Our passion deserves a little nurturing. Pamper them now.


#4  Nothing expresses love better than literature and nobody and nobody ever explained the relationship between love and literature as beautifully as Keating does. A lazy person may fall in love, but loving someone is not a thing for them. Language was created for expressing the feelings growing in the core of the heart, adding unnecessary words to your verse, only slows you down.


#5 Keating was a man who loved to play with words. And with his beautiful game of words he taught us not to boundary ourselves in any limitations. Perspective is important. One change in it will change the entire scenario. A free and open mind helps us to know so many things about the life and our existence


Oh! Captain, my Captain! 

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