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May 7, 2016

5 Kinds of People You Will Meet on Indian Trains

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Long train journeys are always a pleasure in India. From seeing the real India to meeting new people, it’s always a new experience. Here are 5 kinds of people you will meet on Indian trains.

#1 Know-It-All Uncle 

He has travelled the world, read a lot, and has earned immense wealth and wisdom. The only skill he lacks is minding his own business. He will question you, judge you and advise you and at times go down the nostalgia trip of his younger days, and more often than not there is no escape from this one.

#2 Auntyji

From asking for your lower berth because of “back problems” to seeking your help to carry her luggage, she is the person who will take on the responsibility of talking about her bahu, and her neighbours bahu, and asking about your bahu!

#3 Sanskari Sangh

The restless chanting of spiritual songs by large groups in trains made you felt as if you were trapped in a cage (and they continue to do so)!

#4 GasBombs 

Probably the most irritating people around. They’ll eat and eat and eat and sit in one place through the journey. And then they will release copious amounts of methane, in air conditioned trains as well! And smile at you sheepishly while they do it, but pretend they didn’t!

#5 Snore-kels

This guy is outright the most dangerous person you can ever have in the train! Mostly a he, but women are levelling the playing field too, he will make noises that would have woken up Kumbhakarn! The only quiet you get is during the silence between their two snores!

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