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April 20, 2017

5 Key Benefits of Antioxidants

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Antioxidants: vital component of women's skin routine
First of all, let us introduce ourselves to what are antioxidants. So, anything that helps in inhibiting oxidation or the substances that prevent the damage or the germs caused due to oxidation are primarily termed as an antioxidants. Basically, Antioxidants are naturally present in fruits and vegetables. Popular antioxidants include Vitamin A, C and E.
So there arises a question as in what do antioxidants do to your body? Well here is an answer for it! It is necessary to include anti-oxidants in our diet as they help fight diabetes, help keeping our vision strong and help out our heart.
For example carrots are a rich source of Vitamin  A and are good for our eye health. This was about the relationship between body health and antioxidants which clearly explains how all these anti-oxidant food are good to maintain our health. For example, some of the fruits that have antioxidants are blueberries, nuts,  blue, red grapes. Additionally, dark green veggies, tea , grains and orange vegetables are anti-oxidant rich food that are good for our health.
food rich in antioxidants
Now, let’s come to skin. Skin is not merely an outer covering but comprises a larger part of our body. Our skin is as important as our inner health and maintaining a healthy skin is important. What do these Antioxidants do to our skin? So, let us understand how these anti-oxidants are helpful for our skin cells. They generally protect our skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage our skin cells.
Skin care products that are rich in Antioxidants can do a lot for the health and appearance of your skin. Anti-oxidants can help in reducing the signs of aging. Antioxidants counter the process of natural aging. 
Here are 5 ultimate and amazing benefits of antioxidants to our skin:

#1 Reduces Wrinkles

 The biggest nightmare of every girl as she enters her thirties is wrinkles. Getting rid of them is next to impossible sometimes. But it is true that these anti-oxidants help in nourishing your skin and they make it look more youthful and beautiful.
wrinkles - antioxidants

#2 Help in Repairing Sun Damage

Sunscreens and scarfs are the best friends of girls as many of them choose not to step outdoors without a scarf or sunscreen. Sun can be dangerous for our skin as it can dry out the cells of our skin as well as damage the cells. Antioxidants help induce blood circulation and help in the growth of new cells thereby helping our skin to fight with the damage caused by the sun by rejuvenating new cells.
sun damage - antioxidants

#3 Anti- inflammation

One of the primary benefits of antioxidants is that they help calm out the effect of inflammation or swelling. Anti-oxidants found in pine bark and green tea helps in increasing circulation and cell metabolism. By reducing the inflammation, one can get a better tone for the skin and bid a goodbye to scars and wrinkles.
inflammation - antioxidants

#4 Acne and Scar Treatment 

Another important way it contributes to the health of your skin cells is by help in reducing the appearance of scars. Also, they neutralize the cells of our skin. If we consume antioxidant rich food they are going to be helpful for our skin and body as well.
acne - antioxidants

#5 Skin Firming

Anti-oxidants help in  moisturizing , softening, toning and improving the skin’s elasticity. Also, they assist in reversing the process of aging by rejuvenating cell metabolism.
skin firming - antioxidants
There are many products in markets that include anti-oxidants as they prove out to be best for brightening and anti-aging problems for our skin. Therefore, not only in products, we must include anti-oxidants in our food and masks as well. But remember there should not be over-consumption of such products as they can he harmful for our health. Prescription from Doctor must be taken so that there is no overdose of anti-oxidant supplements and harm to our health.
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