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November 20, 2016

5 Interesting And True Voodoo Facts

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voodoo facts

Thanks to Hollywood, we come to an understanding that Voodoo is a type of black magic that people with cruel intention will perform to harm someone. Some might think it’s all about superstitious mumbo jumbos. However, in reality Voodoo has nothing to do with dark arts or black magic, it is one of the most misunderstood religion. Voodoo is a religious belief, that the western world has misinterpreted and Hollywood has embellished for the sake of their movies. Hookedupon presents to you 5 voodoo facts which will question your assumptions about voodoo.

#1 Its Origin and proliferation 

Voodoo is actually an ancient West African religious belief. The beliefs of Voodoo travelled to Europe, along with the slaves. Louisiana voodoo, describes a set of spiritual folkways developed from the traditions of the African diaspora. It is a cultural form of the Afro-American religions developed by enslaved West and Central Africans populations of the U.S. state of Louisia

voodoo facts

#2 Common beliefs 

Parallels between voodoo religion and Christianity are so strong that there is no animosity between the two parties, and in many areas they peacefully coexist. While at one time practitioners who had also been baptized could expect repercussions from the church for partaking in voodoo ceremonies, now priests from both sides are working hand-in-hand to help bring peace and prosperity to Africa, the birthplace of voodoo.

 Like many other religions, followers of Voodoo believe there are two worlds. One is visible to mortals, another is not. Death is the wall between the worlds. Only after passing away a person can see the invisible world. They also believe their ancestors can see them from the world beyond the earthly existence.

voodoo facts

#3 The Essence of it!

The word ‘Voodoo’ means spiritual entity. The religion has a very strong spiritual belief too. They believe in the existence of a supreme being. But, only people with great wisdom can reach the supreme God. So most of the people pray to lesser spirits known as ‘Iwa’. According to Voodooism, ‘Iwa’ posses the body of the priest in the religious ceremonies.

Someone who practices voodoo rituals is often accused—especially by Hollywood—of being a powerful person who orders the spirits to do their bidding. That’s not the case at all; in fact, the opposite is true. Voodoo religion practitioners see themselves as servants of the spirits. They don’t actually tell the spirits to do anything; they provide offerings and honor, and then ask.

voodoo facts

#4 Religious ceremonies

In religious ceremonies, followers of Voodoo religion, sacrifice animals to Iwa. According to their belief, ‘Iwa’ gets tired looking after the universe. The soul of the animal provides much required energy to Iwa so that it can work properly. Contrary to popular beliefs human sacrifices is forbidden in this religion. Harming other human beings in any way is a punishable act among Voodooism.

voodoo facts

#5 The enigmatic voodoo doll 

Voodoo dolls are more complicated than they’re usually portrayed. A voodoo doll doesn’t actually symbolize a person in the respect that what happens to it, happens to the person. Instead, a doll is only associated with the person in question—usually by attaching a picture of the person, or something that was in intimate contact with them, such as a lock of hair

Other things are usually added to the doll, and these vary based on the intended purpose. Garlic, flower petals, perfumes, or even money can be added—not as a direct message to the person, but as an appeal to the spirits to open themselves to the doll and the wishes of those involved. The voodoo doll can be used for a huge variety of purposes, and most are benevolent.


Feature Image Source – http://www.africanamerica.org

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