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February 26, 2017

5 Insane Beauty Treatments That Will Shock You!

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Beautiful Girl

No longer beauty is defined by an individual’s personality. A beautiful woman is someone with perfect figure, flawless skin and fair skin-tone. To help an individual attain that perfect look, there are cosmetic surgeries. There is botox to keep you young, liposuction to keep you thin, laser to keep you hair free. These surgeries were not available back then but the expectations were same. These 5 beauty treatments are not only bizarre but also quite dangerous.

HookedUpon Advisory: Do not try any of these treatments at home. This article is for pure entertainment purpose only.

#1 A Perfect but Painful Pout

Cleopatra was known for her beauty and her long nose. But she did something extremely bizarre to keep her lips in perfect shape and colour. The trick was mixing ground red ants, beetle blood and bee’s wax. And to for that perfect pout, women got their lips stung by bee.

While another version included red clay, iron oxide, henna, seaweed, iodine and bromine mannite which is also extremely poisonous.

Red Lips

#2 Flawless Skin

We all have used concealers, primers and foundations to hide that acne scar or dark circle. But before these products were introduce, women used to apply lead to cover small pox scars and for that perfect flawless skin. This is much more dangerous than consuming Maggi.

#3 Oh! Those beautiful Eyes

The idea of big innocent eyes went so viral that people actually began putting drops of the plant Belladonna into their eyes, which causes the pupils to dilate. The prolonged use of drops lead to blindness.

Human Eye

#4 Zero-Figure

This is truly scary! It is a known fact that if you have tapeworm infection, then you tend to lose weight as all the nutrients are absorbed. For that perfect zero-size figure, women used to get themselves infected. Not the best or a safe practice.

Perfect Body

#5 Waxing

We all dread to that monthly trip to parlor when we have to get rid of that unnecessary hair. There are home solutions like veet, anne french and razors are available. Our parents have also given us atta massage to help reduce hair growth. However, in the older days, women used arsenic solution to get rid of those unwanted hair.

Waxing Legs


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