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October 4, 2016

5 Indian Women Breaking Gender Stereotypes

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Bruce Vain and Sonam Mittal

We, women, are always reminded of what we cannot and should not do. We are forced to do what others think is best for our and their ‘image’. We can see this in our everyday lives as well – we don’t see so many police women chasing down criminals, the entire male population laughs when we say that we can drive, we get reprimanded when we are late. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are countless things which bind us and these countless things have shaped the female stereotype. But worry not, like rules are made to be broken, stereotypes are also being broken and have been broken by many Indian women. Don’t you feel proud ladies? Let’s give these leading ladies of India a praise, they have earned it.

#1 Bruce Vain and Sonam Mittal

In January this year, a campaign called ‘Spoilt Modern Indian Women’ was launched by none other than two females, Bruce Vain ( an online pseudonym) and Sonam Mittal, who did a pretty awesome job – they asked the females to send their pics and then wrote something on it. Take a look yourself and you’ll understand what I am talking about!

Bruce Vain and Sonam Mittal


#2 Boxing Champion

What do most of the people think when they think about boxing? Two people boxing; no, two guys boxing. It is such a male-dominated area that nobody could even think about women taking it up as a career. But one did, and we all know who she is – Mary Kom. She needs no introduction.

Mary Kom

#4 Bikerni Association

Who have you mostly seen driving a bike? A guy, right? I don’t know why but it’s like it’s an unstated fact that driving a bike is a guy thing. But even this stereotype is being challenged by ‘Bikerni Association who drive bikes all around, try to empower women and ask them to take up bike driving.

#5 Mayanti Langer

There are a lot of women in media, everybody agrees. But, what about sports media? Anything related to sports is related to ‘man’. Sports media used to be male-dominated but that is changing and one of the persons driving this change is Mayanti Langer.

#6 Women Co-founders

And hats-off to the women entrepreneurs, founders and present CEO’s of various companies, they took this role in the early 2000’s when mostly the men did such things. They smashed through barriers and came out shining. It didn’t even disrupt their personal life and they have kids too! Some of these leading ladies are – Anisha Singh (Founder Mydala.com), Sabina Chopra (Co-Founder Yatra.com), Radhika Aggarwal (Co-Founder Shopclues.com) and there are many more!

 Anisha Singh

Sabina Chopra

Radhika Aggarwal

Featured Image Source: Google Images

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