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April 6, 2017

5 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You

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Just pause for a moment and think that what really inspires you to travel. A movie you saw last night or a book you read the other day? Perhaps listening to the travel experience you friend shared with you! These are some of the possibilities but after watching some of these web series you will regret what you have missed by just sitting in front of your laptop or fiddling with your smart phone. This list of travel Web Series will give you enough reasons to travel to different places:

#1 Way Back Home

I can’t emphasize enough on this one! A hell of a ‘desi travel’ series set in the Himalayas, Way Back Home takes you to the prettiest spots of Himachal, Leh and Ladakh that you would miss in the event that you don’t travel right. On the off chance that you think love gives you butterflies in your stomach then you unquestionably haven’t seen or been to the spots that are past the meaning of magnificence. This arrangement does precisely that. Rohan Thakur, the travel vlogger and voyager, will make you feel only there at the place with him and will make you go there so urgently in the meantime. What’s more, toward the end of this web series, you will have an alternate insightful about your approach to voyaging. Thakur has investigated a portion of the concealed fortunes of Himalayan towns that you will effortlessly miss that visitor vision of yours. That is the reason you should watch this series, so next time when you are in the midst of the Himalayas you gain more than simply pretty photos.

Web Series way back home


#2 The Trip

Another web series by Bindass highlighting Lisa Hayden, The Trip is an account of a bold trek of four closest companions who choose to drive the distance to Bangkok in their cars for a bachelorette trip of one of the friends. Can any bachelorette trip be any more exciting that this one? I guess not. The arrangement is likewise an unmistakable message that traveling is a great deal more than going to favor places. By one means or another, the wonderful scenes, the horizons of the city, the peacefulness of nature give you a clearness of how you need your life to be! The YouTube web series is giving this message perfectly!

The Trip Web Series


#3 Away from Home

This is a very short web series of eight episodes that will take you to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The story is about a girl who falls in love with the beautiful and serene islands of Andaman and decides to settle in their instead of leading a married life. Her explorations during her stay on the island are an inspiration for many travelers who don’t have the courage to do something out of the box.

Away from Home Web Series


#4 Under the Rupee

A response for the individuals who thinks making a trip to Europe requires colossal bucks. This arrangement is again by the Indian vlogger and traveler Rohan Thakur, who is making a trip the distance to Hungary to investigate the excellence of Budapest and villages around. The money estimation of Hungary is not as much as that of the Indian rupee, and consequently, the extravagances of spots don’t generally hurt your financial plan. Be that as it may, this is not just about cash. The arrangement can show you how to travel right, how to hit the correct places and how to investigate the covered up even in the outside land. No not as much as a voyaging lesson you have been sitting tight to learn for long!

under the rupee Web Series


#5 Mumbiker Nikhil

This one is for all the enterprise buffs out there! This is not an arrangement but rather a YouTube channel by a biker and one of the Indian Vloggers Nikhil, who goes to the distinctive landscapes on his cherished bicycle. His street trips from Mumbai to Ladakh. Rameshwaram, Kolkata and to the diverse parts of India is the ideal guide for the bikers who have been arranging a street trip for long, however, can’t put the bits of confound together. With the experience, comes the hazard. The arrangement of high and low occasions alongside the stunning magnificence of Indian land will actuate you to begin your bicycles for the insane enterprise rides on your bicycles!

Mumbaiker Nikhil Web Series


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