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May 25, 2016

5 Indian Origin Cricketers Who Did Not Play for India

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KS Ranjiy Singhji: indian origin cricketers

IPL is the time when we see our favorite cricketers getting mixed into a mocktail of teams. Every country seems to be playing for our states right now. With international players playing for us, have you ever given some Indian origin cricketers playing for other countries a thought?

Here are 5 Indian origin cricketers who are playing for international teams or who have played for international teams.

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#1 KS Ranjit Singhji

He was the cricketer after whom the Ranji trophy was named. The ruler of Nawanagar, born in 1872 into a royal family, Ranji was sent to England to study where his principal introduced him to cricket and soon he was playing cricket for the team of England.

KS Ranjit Singhji: indian origin cricketers


#2 KS Duleep Singhji

Ranji’s nephew too followed his trail and went on to play for England and much like his uncle, he too has a Duleep Trophy in his name. His cricket life was short due to a recurring illness but he managed to play 12 tests in his cricket career before retiring to work for Indian Public Services.

KS Duleep Sighji: indian origin cricketers


#3 Hanif Muhammed

This legendary cricketer plays for Pakistan but was born in Junagadh. Hanif was co-incidentally trained by Abdul Aziz who was the father of Indian Test cricketer Salim Durani and then went on to play at Pakistan’s inaugural Test in 1952. He transformed cricket from an elite sport to mass sport in Pakistan.

Hanif Muhammed: indian origin cricketers


#4 Asif Iqbal 

Another Pakistani cricketer who was born in Hyderabad went on to play for the team of Pakistan. He learnt cricket in India, but in 1969, his family migrated to Pakistan. He had to take his talent across the border to express it there. He is also related to both Ghulam Ahmed and Sania Mirza.

Asif Iqbal: indian origin cricketers


#5 Nasser Hussain

Nasser was born in Madras and his father often took them to Chepauk which made him learn about the game. Born in 1968, Nasser’s family shifted to England in 1975 where he strengthened his game and advanced in the field so much that he even took over the captaincy of the team of England. He is known for his amazing leadership skills and was one of the finest captains.

Nasser Hussain: indian origin cricketers


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