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September 5, 2016

5 Hypnotic Ganpati Pandals In Mumbai That Will Leave You Awestruck

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A hardcore  Mumbaikar , I really can’t think of missing  a day in Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi – most happening and lively event of the year which would leave you wanting more. The 10 days of Ganpati including a ravishing visarjan ceremony is something you look forward to the entire year. Especially being a Lalbaug girl that I am, its hard to resist the excitement and the urge ,to not boast; about the electric atmosphere everywhere around Mumbai. And also when you have write about it within a word limit phew, it’s really very tricky!

While there are Ganpati Pandals all around Mumbai  in every niche and every place has  its own unique feature and energy ; We bring to you a sorted and selected list of top pandals to visit during Ganpati and if you don’t ; you wouldn’t ever know what Ganpati Festival really is. Lets to together say Ganapati Bappa Morya and get ready to visit the so called Disney land for Ganpati festival….!

#1 LALBAUG CHA RAJA ( Lalbaug)

Lalbaug has gained popularity over years for its ganpati festival, and the famous deity lalbaug cha raja is believed to fulfill your wishes if not so, even the serene and peaceful look of the deity would make you forget about the chaos around and the never ending queue you toiled for , just for this single moment which would leave you gratified for eternity.

This  particular pandal with the amazing decoration , yet more; the outstanding arrangement of this organization without any mishaps and successfully managing thousands of deities would leave you awestruck .The facilities they provide and the super tuned management are worth a watch.

Website: http://www.lalbaugcharaja.com

Nearest station: Currey road

Time: Open throughout for ten days

#2 GANESH GALLI GANPATI ( lalbaug/parel)

Ganesh galli ganpati is just situated adjacent to lalbaug and is the oldest Ganpati Pandal in Mumbai. It is famous for its lucrative decorations depicting replicas of various  temples of India and the height of the ganpati idol i.e. 22ft.

The theme for 2016 is the famous Badrinath Temple one of the Chaar dhams . Although being the oldest this Pandal has still successfully maintained its glamour and tradition throughout ages.One unique feature of this idol is the visarjan ceremony of this tall idol with acuurate efficiency and managing the crowd.

Website : http://www.mumbaicharaja.co

Nearest station: Currey road

Time: Open throughout yet the best time would be at night to watch the magnificent light displays.

#3 GSB Seva Mandal ( Matunga)

This Ganesh idol is known as the Gold Ganesh of Mumbai, adorned with more than 60 kgs pure gold .This pandal is one of the richest pandal of the city , was founded by  by the Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community from Karnataka in 154.

The idol is always an eco-friendly one, made out of clay. The mandal is also distinctive for the continuos pooja and the music played traditional Indian musical instruments used in south Indian temples which are unusual these days.

Website: http://www.gsbsevamandal.org

Nearest station: King circle/ Matunga

Time: The Ganpati is just for five days , so an early visit would be beneficial.


Situated in the 12th lane Khetwadi , this Ganpati became famous when it created the highest idol in history 40 ft tall.

A added benefit of visiting this Pandal is there is a Ganesh idol in every lane and the amazing decorations with the touch of maharashtrian culture will leave you happy and with a little leg ache.

Website: http://www.khetwadichaganraj.com

Nearest station: Charni road

Time: Evening to midnight


The adhericha raja is equivalent to lalbaug cha raja for the suburbs in Mumbai, although it does not provide any lavish features  or pandal but it has a reputation of fulfilling wishes.

The mandal also usually has a novel theme and other attractions, which have in the past included sand sculpture and a mela .The theme for 2016 is the famous Kunkeshwar temple from Devgad.

Website: http://www.andhericharaja.com

Nearest station: Andheri

Time: Through out and also a plus benefit is you can even visit after Anant Chaturdarshi as this is the only idol in Mumbai which  is  to be immersed on the coming Sankashti Chaturthi i.e. 19th September.

So get ready for the amazing journey of the city of lights

” bola ganapti bappa morya!!! “

If you are visiting lalbaug cha raja with a zeal and patience of standing in queue for hours, we would like to suggest you to visit a few other electrifying pandals like Narepark cha raja, Chincpokli cha raja , Tejukaya cha raja and other few Pandals which are located near by at a distance of few minutes from Ganesh Galli and Lalbaug.

Featured Image Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com

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