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April 25, 2016

5 Horror Novels That Will Pass A Shiver Down Your Spine

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One might be timid or bold, cowardly or fearless but there’s always an element of supernatural in many of our conversations one time or the other. If you’re one of those who experience adrenaline rush on reading/hearing horror stories, this is the list for you of 5 horror books that will leave you scared for a number of nights.

#1 The Shining-Stephen King
Of course, every horror novel list has to begin with the master of horror stories himself- Stephen King. What was thought to be a fresh start for Jack Torrance in the Overlook Hotel became something much more claustrophobic and sinister. The forces and odd occurrences can be noticed only by his 5 year old son Danny Torrance- who had the power to ‘shine’. The Shining is the third novel of the author, keeping you at the edge of your seat, and not letting you sleep all night. The book is much more fascinating, complicated and terrifying.

#2 The Haunting of the Hill House- Shirley Jackson
Every ghost novel list requires one novel which has a haunted place and the mysteries there. Shirley Jackson is known for leaving the readers with a lot of questions in mind, once they finish the last page of her novels. A girl fed up with her depressing life gets a chance to be a part of investigation group of a haunted house. Little did she know what’s in store for her. Compiled with horror and mystery, what is more fearful is that after completing this, you might not know whether to be afraid of the haunted house around your place or that mysterious woman in your neighbourhood.

#3 Ghost Story- Peter Straub
It is impossible not to include this novel in the list when the great Horror-master Stephen King himself declared it to be one of the scariest novels of the late 20th Century. This novel gathers a group of ghost-storytelling Englishmen and their story of youth including a kidnapped girl, murders, nightmares and much more. Ghost Story is truly a masterpiece of Straub, bringing out the horror and darkest fear of each reader.

#4 It- Stephen King
What can be scarier than a book about fear itself? It by Stephen King is probably the scariest book of his lot. Seven teenagers once faced the trepidations in a small town. Now as grown ups, they are drawn back to face the force, the nightmare without an end, the evil without a name. A shapeshifting horror clown is the epitome of ghost novels, and Stephen King masters the clown-terror with this novel having the potential to keep you up for many nights. Beware…

#5 House of Leaves- Mark Z Danielewski
House of leaves is probably the most complicated horror novel of all times. It is massive, with many footnotes. And these footnotes have further footnotes. There are pages with detailed descriptions and pages with only one word. The author has managed to manipulate the minds of the readers. But the entire book can be summarized in just one word- Terrorizing. It might be a little complicated to read, but it’ll be worth it. You are sure to add this novel in your list of top reads.

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