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May 14, 2017

5 Hollywood Characters Which Must Be Played By Irrfan Khan!

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One actor that you could put your money on and never lose the deal is the iconic star of the Indian film Industry, Irrfan Khan. Talk of any quality and the actor has it in abundance. It is only due to this reason that he made it big not just in the India but Hollywood as well. Known as the one man army you need to make a blockbuster, he has given many splendid performances. However, there are some roles of the infamous Hollywood movies that he portrays. Check out some of the options we think he would be perfect for.

#1 The Harry Potter Series – Professor Lupin

You would hardly find someone who has not watched The Harry Potter Series. One of the best movies of all times, the movie became what it is due to the important character of Professor Lupin. Irrfan is one actor who has everything that describes the character of Lupin. Be it the complexity he had or the sharp and intriguing instincts, he would just be the perfect one as the professor.

#2 Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow

Irrfan Khan and Johnny Depp have many similarities. Imagine their image swapping and you will not miss the other one at all. Blunt expressions, deadly acting capabilities and humor in parallel are all you need to play this character just the way Depp did. Irrfan looks perfect option for this. So if someone ever makes a remake, they should try casting him and there will be no signs of disappointment.

#3 The Dark Knight Joker

This is one of those characters that no one liked. Moreover, people were so disturbed by the performance delivered by him that it created new heights of horror. Considering the intense looks and stupendous acting of Irrfan, he would surely be able to portray this character in the best way possible.

#4 Gangs of New York – Butcher

If one could mix a serious job of butchering without losing the coolest wit, it was portrayed in the movie, Gangs of New York. Be it the style and looks given to this character of the way it is the reason, there is no second thought about the fact that Irrfan will portray this with great ease and deliver a performance that is expected from such a sleazy character.

#5 The Soloist Steve Lopez (the journalist)

If anyone in the world could match the talent and versatility of Robert Downey Jr. it has to be Irrfan Khan. Downey portrayed one of the most amazing roles in this movie and it proved to be a game changer for him and his character. Irrfan, on the other hand, has all that you need to put a character like this on the screen. He would play the character of this journalist just the way Downey did and would not disappoint the audiences at all.

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