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August 9, 2016

5 Hobbies To Make You Mr. Smartypants

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It is a common misconception that our level of intelligence is determined at the time of our birth and we can’t do anything about it. We have to live with it – smart or dumb. But science has proven that it is not true – there are numerous ways to enhance our intelligence and our hobbies play a vital role in it. Hobbies are something we do on a regular basis, something we enjoy, and something which help us unwind. We don’t do them because we are earning something from them (although that may be the case sometimes) but we do them because they make us feel content, they are a kind of our comfort zone. But what if these hobbies could increase our intelligence? It’s true – science has proven that there are certain hobbies which when practiced, increase our intelligence.

And now obviously we are going to have a look at them:

#1 Learning to play a musical instrument 

It has been scientifically proven that this improves our memory and concentration. It also helps us in increasing our patience and perseverance for it takes time and will to learn a something new.

#2 Reading  

Duh, obviously reading increases your intelligence. It increases your vocabulary, your knowledge regarding multiple subjects and helps you experience different emotions! It is helping you right now!

#3 Writing 

There are many people who tend to jot down their feelings at the end of the day. It is an excellent hobby, not only does it improve your linguistics but it also increases your creativity and imagination! We all consider writers as really intelligent beings. Hence, it is proved that writing enhances our intelligence!

#4 Solve puzzles and games 

You have to really concentrate while solving puzzles, what you are doing is exercising your brain! And it’s a very good thing as it is then capable of receiving and holding more information. Video games help too – you have to think, make a strategy and then proceed. Plus, you learn from your mistakes.

#5 Learning a new language 

I can see no harm in this one – not only we won’t be lost in a foreign country but, our brain capabilities will also be increased! So go learn a new language!

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