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August 27, 2017

5 Hair Colors You Should Consider If You’re Planning to Color Your Hair

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Hair Color

Are you planning to give your appearance a refreshing look? The best way to do it is to color your hair permanently or highlighting it with any shade of your choice. It will undoubtedly change your exterior. But, always remember hair color can make or break your appearances. So, before dying your hair you really need to keep few little things in mind.

Always consider the eye colors, natural hair color and most importantly, the undertone of your skin.

Colors For Warm Skin Tone

If the veins of your wrists look greenish under the light, if you look better in gold jewelry than silver jewelry, you have a warm skin tone.

You should avoid ash or blue based colors as it won’t complement you.

#1 Light Caramel Hair 

If you’ve warm skin with dark brown or black eye, this color is made for you.

#2 Honey Brown Hair

The best thing about this color is it looks good on fair complexion and deep complexion as well.

#3 Caramel Brown Hair

Another color which goes with every skin tone. If you’ve dark hair and eyes, you can pick this color without any doubt.

#4 Dark Chocolate Hair

This hair color is as delicious as dark chocolate itself. It will complement you if you’ve dark brown or black eyes.

#5 Chestnut Hair

It’s a reddish brown hair color that goes really well with warm skin tone and makes the skin look shinier.

Colors For Cold Skin Tone

If the veins of your wrists look blueish under the light, if you look better in silver jewelry than gold jewelry, you have a warm skin tone.

Avoid colors with yellow tint at any cost. It’ll make you look dull and tired.

#1 Dark Champagne

It is a warm color which is in between of blonde and brown. It will make your cold skin tone look warmer.

#2 Apricot

The Apricot color is a shade of red which is not very dark yet very vibrant. It will make cold skin tone more radiant.

#3 Black

Black hair looks good on everybody. It is the most common hair color around the world. If you’ve very light or pale skin, this hair will make you appear gorgeous.

#4 Light Ash Brown

Though it’s a bit uncommon, but you must consider this shade if you want to turn heads with your appearance. The trick is not to go too hard with this color.

#5 Plum Hair

If you’re brave enough, go for plum hair. This color is vibrant, warm and it will flatter your look and lift up your appearance.

Natural hair color matters as well. It plays a huge role when you highlight your locks. If you’ve dark hair, highlighting it with colors that are lighter than your natural hair color will look gorgeous, if your hair is light in color, highlight it with a darker tint to make it more stunning and attractive.

Lastly, make sure your hair color compliments your eye color to avoid looking worn-out and monotonous.

Hope these tips will help you to pick the correct shades. Enjoy your new look.

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