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January 15, 2017

5 Gujju Snacks That Will Put An End To All Your Hunger Pangs

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Gujju snacks

Ever run into a Gujju family while on a holiday? If yes, you’ve already noticed how they carry their world (read food) along no matter which part of the Earth they’re visiting. As much as this annoys many people, who believe in savouring local food items while travelling, you must either be born into a Gujju family, or well, neighbours to one to relish, realise and value the awesomeness that Gujju snacks offer.

If you haven’t had any luck as yet, here’re 5 lesser-known but must-have Gujju snacks. Because although khakhra, fafda, dhokla, and thepla shot to fame overnight after 3 Idiots, there’s a world beyond them. Behold!

1. Chorafali



What Garba is to Navaratri, Chorafalis are to Diwali. These are best relished with either tea or mint chutney. The famous festive snacks are super-thin, super-crispy and super-yum and I’ll bet you won’t stop at one!

2. Sev khamani

Sev Khamani


Trust Gujjus to turn one yummy snack into a yummier one. If you think you have tried the best of khamans, wait until you try the new avatar of crumbled khaman dhokla topped with chopped onions, green and sweet chutney, coriander, pomegranates and lots of sev! Hungry, anyone?

3. Locho



Before you judge Locho by its name, try it with some chutney, sev and onions to truly relish the boiled street food. And if you happen to mention Locho to a Surati friend, you might just see them packing their bags to go back home! Locho is, by default, every Surati’s best friend. Don’t believe me? Try it, at your own risk!

 4. Bajra Vada

Bajra vada


Gujju snacks smartly combine health and taste. Like the appetising Bajra Vada. As the name suggests, these are deep-fried, crispy, flat dumplings made from Bajra with lots of sesame seeds and fenugreek leaves. Pair it up with tea/coffee just once, and you’ll never pick up a biscuit again.

5. Handva



I agree the name sounds more like a comet,  but the nutrients packed in this baked snack are nothing less than its impact…HUGE! Mix various lentils, spices, lots of sesame seeds, rice and bottle gourd for filling and voila…Handva is ready. The preparation is fermented which makes it scrumptious and unputdownable!


Tip: Enjoy each of these in the presence of a Gujju and you might just get to see them burst into Garba out of excitement.



Jokes apart, visit a Gujju friend and you will never return home on an empty stomach. I never did :)

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  • Victuals guaranteed to alter the vital statistics, but not if they are virtual! Thank you, Hooked Upon, for catering to the foodie in me!

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