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May 11, 2016

5 Funny Politicians’ Moments We All Laughed At

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rahul gandhi

With their long speeches and bold promises, politicians are honestly the most interesting people to listen to. With so much pressure upon them, they often tend to goof up. Here is a list of all the times politicians around the world made a fool of themselves and gave everyone a good reason to laugh.

#1 Rahul Gandhi

When talking about funny politicians, there is no doubt that he has to be the first. And he hasn’t just made us laugh once but many times. Here is a picture of Rahul Gandhi peacefully dozing off during a Lok Sabha session.

#2 Sheila Dixit

The governor of Delhi recently celebrated her 755th birthday, oh wait! Sorry, I meant her 75th birthday! But well, the person who got her the cake also got pretty confused.

#3 Chris Huhne

A member of the British parliament had a clash with camera, and I mean literally! We can all agree that he doesn’t look too happy about it!

#4 George Bush

I don’t know if many of us remember this but during a conference in Baghdad, one of the journalists wasn’t quite fond of George Bush and he showed his dislike by hurling a shoe at him.

#5 Al Gore

The Vice President of United States turned to reveal one of the most shocking pieces of news we had heard in a while, if only it were true. This is what he said “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

Featured Image Source: Twitter

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