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April 25, 2017

5 Flowers That Reduce Health Ailments Naturally

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There is a visible change in the weather. With Holi just a week away, the temperatures are warmer and you can smell the sweetness of flowers in air. Flowers are a visual treat to eyes but their purpose is not just limited to aromatic fragrances. While flowers are commonly used for special occasions and decorations; they also possess healing powers. Flowers were traditionally recognized for their medicinal properties and were used for treatments but that recognition got lost somewhere.

However, with people looking for natural and organic treatments, flowers are back in action. These 5 flowers are commonly available in the market and help treat some health ailments naturally!

#1 Jasmine

We all have enjoyed Jasmine tea at a Chinese restaurant but what we don’t know is that Jasmin has high level of anti-oxidants. It helps in increasing good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. It gently relieves water retention and also helps us soothe.


#2 Lotus

Lotus flowers are infused with Vitamin B, C and Phosphorus. Lotus extracts help to delay premature greying. Known for being famous in both Eastern and Western countries, Lotus is seen to be effective against fever, diarrhoea, cholera, bronchitis etc. A lotus flower concoction helps to deal with acidity, ulcers, rashes, overheating and high blood pressure.


#3 Hibiscus

Not many people are aware of the benefits of Hibiscus, but few of the common benefits are it helps treat minor cold related infections such as cough and sore throat as well as headache. Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C and it is an excellent source to boost immunity. Hibiscus infused water reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Hibiscus oil is also beneficial for the hair as it helps with hair growth and prevents hair fall.


#4 Rose

Rose is known as a gentle laxative. It is rich in flavanoids, antioxidants, vitamin A, B3, C, D, E. Rose essence mixed with water is an effective astringent that helps reduce the swelling of capillaries beneath the skin. Rose Petal tea is an effective treatment for the the liver and gall bladder while Rose essential oil is effective in treating hemorrhage, fatigue, ulcers and asthma.


#5 Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose oil is used to reduce mood swings and regulates changes in hormones, prostate problems and hormonal fluctuations during menopause.

Evening Primrose

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