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August 27, 2017

5 Films that Fired their Directors!

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A movie is called a director’s vision but since the movies these days are huge and have a variety of departments involved, there are situations when the vision of director does not match with rest of the team or when the producers find the director incapable to shoulder such a huge responsibility. This happens a lot in the movie industry but such news goes unnoticed. These 5 movies had the same faith – the movie started up with one director and ended up with a different one.

#1 Superman II

There would be hardly someone who would say that they are not a superman movie fan or have not watched the Superman II. The part one of the movie was directed by Richard Donner and was one of the biggest hits of those times. But due to the arguments with the producers, he was shown the doors while shooting the second part. He was replaced by Richard Lester. Although the movie was a decent work, it did not gain the level of popularity that the Superman I had witnessed.

#2 The Exorcist

If you talk about the horror movies, this classic is definitely worth the money. Initially the director who was hired to make this film was John Frankenheimer. This movie of going to be a sequel of the Exorcist series but went through many troubles. Right from the issues with the writers to replacement of two directors, it became disturbing for the producers. John had to call it off due to health issues and then Paul Schrader was brought at his place. Later it was found that the movie looked highly non-commercial. Eventually they had to bring a new director, Renny Harlin on board along with a new writer as well. It not only delayed its release but increased the investments as well.

#3 Promises Written in the Water

This movie has the ugliest of all issues right since the day it came on the floors. The first director appointed for the movie was Pete Red Sky but he was replaced by Vincent Gallo. He was the director, writer, producer, editor, and everything else that you could think of as contributors in the making of a movie. Since Peter had his sets of doubts about doing the movie, Gallo took things in his hands but nothing good happened. The movie was showcased in film festivals but was never released commercially.

#4 Rumor Has It

Ted Griffin, one of the ace writers was given the chance of making his directorial debut through this movie. Although he wrote of the screenplay of this movie initially, first the director had problems with his team and he was firing people but later, the cast of the movie, which included popular actors like Jennifer Aniston started having tiffs with the director. Considering this, he was replaced by Rob Reiner. Sadly, in spite of all these efforts, the movie could not perform well on the charts.

#5 Star Wars Spinoff

Josh Trank is one of the best known names in the Hollywood for making commercial cinema. Considering the talent this man withholds, he was given the responsibility to direct this legendary movie. However after a few months into the movie, the director was replaced. Many reports claim that Josh was directing two movies at a time and thus was not delivering results as expected.

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