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November 16, 2016

5 Feelings Every Older Sibling Will Relate To

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There is always an ongoing war going on between the elder and younger siblings. The older one always feels that the younger one gets thing not only his/her own way but also easily. We are constantly wondering what magical potion did the younger one make our parents drink that parents are easily influenced by them. There are many thoughts that we ponder upon but these 5 feelings am sure all the elder siblings will relate to.

#1 Born during Nazi Rule

We always have rules to follow and our parents are strict – for instance: go to bed on time and watch limited television. However, all these rules are flushed away when the younger one comes into the picture.

nazi rule

#2 Fights! Fights!! Fights!!!

No matter what all siblings fight. But how unfair it is when the older one gets scolding and blame when the younger one begins to cry. That is one strategy to win a fight!

#3 Homework

You not only do your homework but you either help them or do their homework. And of course you can’t raise your voice or else they will use their weapon of mass destruction (read: crying).


#4 Babysitting

You are required to take them when you go out to play with your friends as well as when you are at school. You constantly have to look after them because they are babies.


#5 Demotion

All of a sudden you become the smart one who needs to be understanding and caring. The center of attention now focuses on your younger sibling.


There are times when we get irritated, frustrated and annoyed by our sibling but we can’t take it when someone else hurts them. We are ready to take on anyone who is not nice to our sibling.

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