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February 28, 2017

5 Extraordinary Indian Villages You Must Know About!

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Neelam - Chappar Village

India has a tart answer for all these generalized misconceptions about India, and who better to do it than the extraordinary Indian villages. Here’s a list of five extraordinary Indian villages that have crossed the seven seas and have become stars of our nation. Apart from the quintessential kheth and mitti ke ghar, these villages have a unique element that makes most visitors stare, awestruck.

#1 Dharnai, Bihar

This village has an apt answer to the extensive power outages and electricity scarcity in India. Dharnai is the first fully solar powered village in India developed with the help of Greenpeace. This provides a solution to the student and women who were dependent on day light to survive their lives. So, let there be light!



#2 Chappar, Haryana

Notorious for the cruel female shaming, this state has made the news for violence against women and female infanticide. Chappar decided to take matters in its own hands and with much excitement has a female sarpanchh, Neelam, and she works very hard for the upliftment of women. Apart from the abolition of the ghuungat practice, even female babies are welcomed with much gusto and festivities. Way to go, Neelam!



#3 Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

The home of 60 millionaires and only three families below the poverty line, this village is the pet project of Popatrao Pawar who banned all addictive substances to minimize expense and encouraged the villagers to invest in rain-water harvesting, milch-cattle rearing, and such beneficial practices.



#4 Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Named as Asia’s cleanest village, Discover India Magazine, Mawlynnong is situated about 100 kilometers from Shillong, and it is claimed that not a single plastic wrapper or cigarette butt can be seen on the roads. Stay clean and green!



#5 Shani Singnapur, Maharashtra

Some call this village the safest village in India. There are no locks on doors in this village, and in some houses, no doors. And wait for it…..no thievery either. In addition, there is no police station, and there is a UCO bank branch with no locks!!! Surprised?



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