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June 21, 2016

5 Exercises That Harm More Than They Do Good

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Most of the people think that sweating and working out for long is beneficial and helps one lose weight. You could either do a great workout at home or at gym but the important aspect is to do the workout the right way. With Internet at your fingertips; you can find plethora of online exercise videos. You can watch these videos and get the gist of the exercise but you can not be sure that you are doing the exercise the right way. Doing exercise wrong way is harmful for your body and health. These 5 exercises can help you stay healthy but only do them under supervision.

#1 The Deadlift

This exercise can help you build strength but if done incorrectly then it can have severe side effects. One of the most common mistake is that people try to lift more then they can. As a result this can lead to compressed spinal discs or herniated disc.

#2 Crunches

Crunches is a good exercise for abs. The most common error is that the individual does not position the stomach correctly and pull neck.


#3 Hip Thrusts

If you want to shape your hips, then this exercise is for you. However, make sure you relax your hamstrings and do the push-ups through toes and not heels.

#4 Weighted Abdominal Side Bend

If you want toned abdomen muscles then this exercise is for you. Without proper guidance this exercise can harm your back.

#5 Lunges

Many people get the knee position wrong while doing this exercise which can give you a painful knee. The key is to know the right alignment of knee while doing this exercise to prevent the possible injuries.

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