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August 27, 2017

5 Most Dramatic Proms on Television

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We all TV show freaks wait for the prom episodes in our favorite teen dramas. School proms are always eventful. While we enjoy seeing our favorite characters in beautiful dresses, dancing with our favorite soft tune, we also love the outrageous drama it brings. Proms are wonderful maybe a little bit overrated too. Though almost all the TV shows have presented dramatic prom nights, Hookedupon is presenting a small list of the most dramatic TV proms ever.

#1 Dawson’s Creek- “The Anti-Prom”

When the school committee denies allowing a gay couple in the prom, all the students deny joining the prom too. Rather, they decided to throw their own prom at the restaurant of Dawson’s mom. “The Anti-Prom” was one of the most awesome episodes ever for so many reasons. Dawson’s effort to win Joey’s heart, his passionate way of declaring and who can forget the romantic dance of Joey and Pacey and how sweetly Pacey said he remembers everything related to Joey.

#2 Glee- ” Prom-asaurus” 

When it comes to getting out of the world ideas, none can beat Glee’s McKinley High School. Who else can think of a Dinosaurs theme prom? With events like Quinn wanting to be the Prom Queen, Finn realizing Rachel needs him more than Quinn does and Rachel finally winning the prom was bound to be dramatic. Though the theme was Dinosaurs that does not mean you won’t dance with 21st-century pop songs. While the party kicked in with the ‘Dinosaur’ by Kesha, the girls rocked the stage with a Selena Gomez number ‘Love me like a love song’ and the boys gave a stunning performance with ‘What makes you beautiful’ by One Direction.

#3 The OC- “The Party Favor”

The OC couples went through all kinds of emotions on their ‘Prom’ episode. Though we were sad as Summer rejected to go to Prom with Seth neither Marissa was Ryan’s date we loved seeing Summer and Marissa remembering those times when they were dating Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood. The episode also gave us two of the most romantic scenes of The OC history. Our inner romantic side was satisfied when Ryan gave a shoulder to a heartbroken Marissa to lean on for crying and when a drunken Summer confessed her love for Seth. And we loved the fact at the end of this episode we got to see the ‘angry young man’ side of Ryan once again.

#4 One Tree Hill- “Prom Night At Hater High”

A shout out to Tree Hill pretty ladies Peyton and Brooke to make this prom fun and enjoyable. These two girls got into a pretty nasty cat fight after an ugly sex tape got unveiled. Though the girls swore their friendship is over, Brooke landed at the correct moment to save Peyton when Derek, the psycho stalker of Peyton planned to have a romantic prom for only two of them in the basement. Together they beat the hell out of the creepy guy. Though their prom night was ruined, our favorite students of Tree Hill High broke into another high school’s prom and rocked it.

#5 Gossip Girl – “Valley Girls”

The list of most dramatic prom episodes is incomplete without Gossip Girl. The Manhattan’s blue-blooded presented us lots of drama.  The drama started when Serena refused to leave jail even after getting bailed and Blair’s day going haywire when her dress got ruined, limo getting canceled and she suspects Chuck behind all the troubles happening to her. However, Blair lands in the prom in an elegant Marchesa gown and Serena, in a beautiful Christian Dior gown. But, it is Chuck Bass who won our hearts by making sure Blair wins the prom queen and turning Blair’s childhood dream in real without her knowledge.

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