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March 24, 2017

5 Documentaries You Must Watch This Weekend

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Looking to watch off-beat movie this weekend? The life of our Bollywood heroine is bed of roses. The worst that happens to them is when they are separated from their love of life. For these ladies, life was not bed of roses. They faced much worst scenarios but overcame their challenges. These movies are not your regular movie that will become part of 200 crores club but give us a dose of reality. Grab popcorn, your favorite drink and a tissue box (if you think you need one) and watch these amazing documentaries that will move you within.

#1 Saving Face (2012)
Saving face a 2012 Pakistani documentary film that features the lives of two Pakistani women who survived acid attacks, the films depicts their story and how they continue to struggle even today. The film won a couple of Emmy’s and also bagged the Best Short Documentary award at the 2012 Academy Awards. You surely don’t want to miss this one!

Saving Face

#2 The Stoning Of Soraya M. (2008)
The movie is a drama based in 1986 in the country of Iran, it’s an adaptation of the international bestseller book La Femme Lapidée. Though not closely a documentary, this 100 minute movie features the real life story of Soraya, the woman who was stoned to death by her tyrant abusive husband on the false allegation of her being not loyal to him. The movie brought into light the practice of stoning to death which is prevalent even today in the remote villages of Iran.

#3 A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness (2015)
This documentary recently won an Academy Award in the category of Best Documentary(Short)at the Oscars 2016 . The filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who is also the filmmaker for Saving Face shed light on the honor killings that take place in Pakistan. The documentary trails the tale of an eighteen-year-old young woman, who endures an honor killing attempt by the people in her rural community.

#4 Amma and Appa (2014)
The movie as called, means Mother and Father in Tamil. The story revolves around the marriage of a boy from south of India and a girl who belongs to south of Germany. What unfolds is how both of them convince their parents on marrying someone who lives seas apart. The documentary enlightens the story of two diverse cultures coming together and raising the unanimous question of how love, affection and living together appear.

#5 Born into Brothels (2004)
Born into Brothels is an Indian American documentary completed in the year 2004. The film features the lives of prostitutes children residing in Calcutta’s red light district, Sonagachi. The movie bagged a string of accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in the year 2004.

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