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July 22, 2016

5 Documentaries That Refuse To Stay Silent On Social Issues And Problems

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Documentary is often defined as ‘a film or video examining an event or person based on facts’. ‘Pertaining to documents’, documentaries came into being since the 19th century and since then the trend has simply kicked off. They are extremely knowledgeable pieces of programs. Documentaries are generally aimed at bringing into light an issue requiring optimum public opinion and attention. Dealing with social issues from time to time, huge number of documentaries has been prepared to bring a change.

Here’s a list of some documentaries to watch, based on burning social issues:

#1 Apartheid in South Africa- Documentary on Racism 

This is one of the top documentaries regarding social issues.The documentary describes in detail South Africa’s apartheid policy. It focuses on social issues such as race relations, political practices and segregated dwellings in the 1950s. The documentary also contains interviews with Black and Afrikaner leaders. It highlights the resistance to Apartheid witnessed in South Africa along with the contribution of Nelson Mandela. The language used to express views on race in these programmes reflects the attitudes inherent in apartheid.

#2 The Face of Poverty in Europe and Central Asia 

This is a social issue documentary prepared by World Bank. It highlights the plight of the poor citizens of Europe and Central Asia who are constantly plagued by extremely low financial stability and leading a very difficult life. A documentary full of statistics, posits some shocking facts in front of the spectators. This definitely should be in your list of documentaries to watch.

#3 Born in Brothels 2004 

An Oscar winning documentary on Prostitution, this one brings some cruel live situations of the prostitutes in Sonagachi, Kolkata. It reaches out to the readers and gives them a peek into the lives of the children of the sex workers. Born in Brothels highlights the amount of shame and humiliation they have to bear from the locals every single day. A truly heart-wrenching documentary on social issues.

#4 India Untouched

This documentary breaks the illusion that the 21st century India is a caste-free or caste-less India. It goes against the belief that there are no discrimination based on caste systems. Bringing in actual real life experiences from real life people, this documentary highlights the plight and humiliation faced by the backward castes and classes of India. It voices against the otherwise belief that we are are ‘equal’, which is not actually true. A complete eye-opener, and one of the best history documentaries to watch this weekend.

#5 Chasing the Dragon

An educational documentary prepared by the FBI and the DEA, talks about the dark side of drug abuse. With an effort to combat the burgeoning drug problem and to eliminate the use of it among the youth, the documentary is alarming to the world rapidly falling into the pit of dangerous drugs. Ever thought of trying drugs? Watch this! It will bring you back to your senses. Just go and watch this, people.

Which of these online documentaries are you going to stay Hooked Upon this weekend?

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