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September 13, 2016

5 Deadly Human Experiments conducted by Militaries around the World

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Since the dawn of technology, various human experiments have been carried out by Scientists, Government, Doctors and Military Regiments to improve lives and cure diseases. While some of them did turn successful, most of them turned out to be horror tales of brutal murders and tortures. Many Governments and Military regiments, that are responsible for protecting human lives, have conducted such deadly acts.  Here are 5 such deadly human experiments that will scare the hell out of you and make you value your life.

#5 The Apartheid army 

The Apartheid army South Africa did not like homosexual people, especially in their armed forces. So they used them as human guinea pigs. Using army psychiatrists and military chaplains, they segregated the homosexuals. They were then sent to Ward 22. Horrible scientific experiments were carried out on these people. The tortures ranged from Chemical castrations to electric shocks. Men were often turned surgically into women, without their permission. The process would often be left incomplete and those victims would be cast out in the world, with no monetary support.

#4 The North Korean Experiments

Although denied by the North Korean Government, there have been strong speculations and allegations that torturous human experiments are conducted on prisoners, similar to those conducted by Nazi government. Prisoners were forced to consume poisonous substances and tests were conducted on them. Poisonous gas chambers and blood experiments are just a few such outrageous experimenting modes that are suppose to have been adopted.

#3 Unit 731

The Imperial Japanese Army had a secretive biological and chemical research unit which conducted many unethical and dangerous human experiments during the second Sino-Japanese war and World War II. Women were impregnated by doctors and live vivisections were carried out on them. Body parts were amputated and were attached to various other parts. The victims were injected with disease strains and left untreated. Most of these inhuman experiments were conducted under Commander Shiro Ishii. Having received immunity by American Occupation Authorities, he never had to suffer the consequences of his crimes.

#2 Tuskegee Experiments

The period between 1932-1972 saw one of the most infamous syphilis study that has been ever conducted by U.S. Government. Doctors funded by U.S. Government recruited 400 black share-croppers, from Tuskegee, Alabama who had syphilis. They were never informed about the real disease that they had. Rather they were told that they had “bad blood” diseases. In spite of the fact that penicillin that could cure these patients had been discovered, these patients were never given those medicines and were left to suffer horribly for more than 30 years.

#1 Nazi Experiments

The most inhuman and infamous human experiments that have been ever conducted are undoubtedly by the Nazi Germany in the concentration camps during World War II. The target population was Soviet Prisoners of wars, Romani, Sinti and disabled Germans, but the most targeted was the Jewish community. The consent of the subjects was never sorted for. The torturous experiments ranged from disfigurement to trauma to permanent disability. Most experiments ended in death of the subjects. Many other painful experiments like Sea Water, Mustard gas and terrible Freezing experiments were also conducted on the helpless victims.

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