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June 12, 2016

5 Cool iPhone Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

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Many of them out there would name their iPhone their prized possession ans would rush to pick it up rather than saving their sibling in case of a fire. That smartphone in your hand is capable of so much more than you think. Most people fail to realize how powerful their iPhones are beyond being a symbol of pride. Apart from performing the basic needs, iphones have features which separate them from the android phones. But there are many iPhone features hidden that you haven’t discovered yet. The below mentioned iphone tricks will surely make your life easy.

Here’s a list of some of the hacks to gain the most out of your iPhone and soon you’ll be using it like a boss!

#1 Turn up That Charge

All the iphone users, very often one thing that makes us mad is the time that it takes to see our phones fully charged especially when we are in a hurry or while travelling. This is one of the easiest hacks. Just put your iPhone in Airplane Mode while it’s plugged in to reduce the time it takes to charge your device fully. If you’re pressed for time, this trick will definitely come in handy. And this also avoids fast discharging and saves the battery life.

iphone tricks


#2 Make Your Phone Run Faster

iPhone Running Slow!! Now this is something that makes you freak out when you got an important work ahead. So we bring to you one of the iphone tricks that deal with speeding up your phone. Bring your phone to the home screen and hold down the power button until “Swipe to Power Off” appears. Then just put your finger to the home button and press it down for five seconds. This will clear the Random Access Memory (RAM) to avoid the crashing of apps and web pages. Once the RAM is cleared you’ll experience faster access to apps ensuring smooth running.

iphone tricks


#3 Save Your Data By Limiting Access

We often face difficulties with the data being drained up on unimportant apps that consume the mobile data. There is no need to cut back on your data allowance, all you can do is simple limiting app access. Go to Settings>Mobile Data and select only the apps which you want to use on mobile data. This simple iphone life hack will save up your data.

iphone tricks - save data


#4 Easy Calculations

When using the calculator, swipe left or right on the screen to delete the last digit. This way you won’t have to start all over again. Simple, but this cool iphone trick is effective and saves a lot of time.

iphone tricks - calculations


#5 Lock That Focal Point

Tapping the screen while taking a photo sets the camera’s focal point. Annoyingly though, every time you move the camera, the focus disappears. But not anymore. Just press the screen until “AF Locked” pops up. Now you can twist and turn your phone without losing the focal point. This is one of the simple iphone tricks and assists you to click flawless pictures with the iPhone’s amazing camera.

iphone tricks - focus


So, these iphone hacks will make you a techno-savvy, flaunt and share them.

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