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November 11, 2016

5 Most Controversial Toys Ever Made

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Controversial Toys

The world is full of weird things and the closer you look into it, the creepier it gets. Humans are always keen to create something new and sometimes these creativity knows no bound. It might not even spare children. Yes, you heard that right. They haven’t even spared the kids and  went on to create the most controversial toys ever.

 The word ‘toy’ instantly connects our mind to an innocent and cute thingy that we can hardly think of any controversy can be related with them. But, believe it or not, there are toys which were banned due to its awkward make or weird creativity of the makers. Here is a list of few controversial toys parents thought will affect their kids negatively.

#1 Stripper Pole Dolls

Yes! The dancing dolls used to come with a pole. And, they used to dance going around the pole just like a pole dancer will do. A pole dancing doll for a child’s enjoyment went really far. I wonder why it was even made.

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#2 Life Size Pole For Children

Imagine what kind of horror parents went through when they saw a life size pole in toys’ section and which claims to be suited for children over 11. As if a pole dancer doll was not nasty enough.

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#3 Vibrating Nimbus 2000

This Harry Potter themed toy was everything a child wants. So what went wrong with this one? Well, this toy used to vibrate and it was really disturbing for the parents. In fact some innovative customers used it as a sex toy. If you still have doubts, you can always see the reviews in the amazon.

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#4 The Pregnant Doll

“Barbie’s friend Midge is having a baby.” And, the game for the children was to pull out the baby from Midge. Parents were outraged when this doll hit the market. As we all can see the reason. From no viewpoint, it was suitable for a kid to play. Some parents even accused it for promoting teen pregnancy.

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#5 The Twin Towers Toy

Destruction of the twin towers in a terrorist attack is one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the world. It is a dreadful thing to turn such a disastrous thing into a toy.

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#6 The Breastfeeding Toy

While little kids, especially girls, love to have a baby doll (no pun intended) to play parent, making this toy was a bit overboard. Okay, a lot! It came with fake nipples for the child pretending to be a mother, so that she could feel how it is to breastfeed. This was considered as ‘creepy’ by most people and hence entered the list of most controversial toys ever made. Despite the debate the toy also received a lot of support, including from breast feeding organisations.

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#7 Barbie Oreo

Yes, the most famous doll company, Mattel is in the list again. It started when they entered a new Barbie in the collection and named it Oreo Fun Barbie. The product was sold in both black and white versions but Oreo is considered as a derogatory term in African American Communities.  It was recalled after protests.

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Do You want any of these controversial toys?


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