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July 5, 2016

5 Colleges That Provide Dog Therapy

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Dogs are honestly the best thing ever created by god, I personally do believe so. It also happens to be a proven fact that patting a dog can lead to stress release and also help you stay loving and calm. While we know this fact, some colleges have even begun inculcating this in their study times.

I still remember back in junior school there was a period where the teacher took us out specially to feed the school rabbits and it gave us immense joys. Now imagine being able to go to a bunch of adorable puppies as they lick your face off after a stressful day of college?

#1 Symbiosis International University, Pune
While SIU is the first college in India to be following and beginning this trend many colleges abroad already have a pet therapy program. SIU introduced Dollar, Euro and Yen, three adorable Labrador Retrievers to their hostel campus last year and they are available to be played with, petted and pampered by the residents of the same.

#2 Yale Law
Imagine your dream college along with a furry friend when times get tough. That’s exactly what Yale Law has to offer as they bring that furry friend to the library for a session of love and de-stressing. Monty, a border-terrier mix, is available for a period of 30 minutes to be played with to help you release the stress of college.

#3 University of Connecticut
This college has a programs called “Paws to Relax” which not only offers a variety of dogs but also a bunch of cats for you to laze around with and absorb all the love from so you can manage to completely let go and enjoy. This program specially comes into play during stressful times, such as the final week.

#4 Caldwell College
They bring in about 20 dogs which are available to played with. A majority of students leave their lovable pets at home when they come to college, this gives them an opportunity to mingle with them and allow them forget about college and enjoy the paws and fur.

#5 Oberlin College
This college takes their puppy therapy pretty seriously as “Paws to Pet” bring in their “therapists” and the student enjoy an amazing time with them. As it has scientifically proven that dogs help reduce anxiety, blood pressure and even help in curing problems such as ADHD, it proves to be an effective method.

Featured Image Source: www.storehouse.co

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