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October 24, 2016

5 Charles Dickens Books That Will Keep You Engrossed

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Charles Dickens, today, is something of a household name, and has a reputation of a global literary celebrity. His journey began on a rough road, but he gained recognition from his published writing and editing a weekly journal for 20 years. He is considered one of the greatest writers of the Victorian era and is admired for his characters that hail too close to home and the fictional worlds he created that were a satire on the society of that era. Dickens’ writing summons a homely atmosphere that warms the heart, and has inspired the classics such as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations, enjoyed even today.

Check out these short stories to get a glimpse of Charles Dickens’ most creative writing:

#1 Holiday Romance

A short story written in four parts, to advocate freedom of thought and imagination, Holiday Romance revolves around the stories narrated by a group of children, to pass time on a holiday. The stories revolve around ideas like adventure, romance, marriages and many more. Four children on a holiday spill out some great stories interconnected in one larger frame for the readers.

#2 Doctor Marigold

This story beautifully narrates the journey of a vendor who has lost both his wife and child and later adopts a young deaf girl and raises her like his own. It is in her company that he finds his life’s aim and happiness. Doctor Marigold highlights social realism and also the quality of inherent goodness in every person.

#3 Hunted Down

Considered one of Dickens’ masterpiece, ‘Hunted down’ is an engrossing tale of poison and life insurance fraud. Dickens also makes a comment on the fledgling police force. It is said that the writer’s personal life experiences like night tours, magistrate courts and more, helped him in composing this short story.

#4 The Seven Poor Travellers

A read for the holiday mood, ‘The Seven Poor Travellers’ is a touching story on kindness and forgiveness during Christmas Eve. This story is sure to warm the cockles of your heart, and has been made popular as a series in a magazine.

#5 The Signalman

Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ enjoyed great success and popularity with various age groups, with its heartwarming sense of family and its dabble with the supernatural. Similarly, ‘The Signalman’ conjures up the paranormal when a signalman is visited by a spirit, just before the occurrence of a tragedy at a railway station.

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