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January 31, 2017

5 Books to Watch Out for this February

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A Separation

With January over, we are back with February’s reading list. If you are a book-lover and love books with strong women characters then this month reading list is for you. From a woman who is out to lookout for her husband after divorce to a married woman who is hiding her husband’s deep dark secret, this month’s reading list portray different shades of women.

#1 A Separation by Katie Kitamura

A young women has finally decided to get separated from her unfaithful husband. Just when she is about to start a new life, she comes to hear that her husband has gone missing. Reluctantly she agrees to look for him, while she is herself unsure whether she ever wants to find him. On this journey she realizes how less she actually understood the man she loved, to the extent that the man may be entirely different than what he appeared. This books shows us the dilemma faced by the young woman as she undergoes life changing experiences.

Releasing: February,7th

#2 The Little Tea Shop Of Broken Hearts by Jennifer Joyce

Maddie Lamington can see her world crashing down as her little tea shop is about to close. When she sees how her perfect apple crumble brought her father and Birdie, an old customer together, an idea stuck her mind. She decides to arrange a date night and include all her amazing bakes. Coincidentally, handsome Caleb is also there to help her out in her little venture. Can this one night of dating extravaganza fix Maddie’s life and save her little tea shop? Read this to book to find out.

Releasing: February, 8th

#3 Pretty Face by Lucy Parker

Lily Lamprey has got the perfect platform to show the world her talents. Renowned director Luc Savage is all set to renovate a West End theatre play and this can be Lily’s best shot. But Mr. rude and Oh-So-Attractive director isn’t making it any easier for her. The director too, has a thing for Lily. The director’s fame and popularity and Lily’s career, both are at stake due to their romantic associations. Any wrong step can pull both of them down.

Releasing: February, 20th

#4 The Secret of Second Wives by Kerry Fisher

Lara and Maggie are married to two brothers Massimo and Nicco. They both know their husband’s darkest secrets. While Lara, behind the facade of a happy family hides a secret about her husband. A secret which if releases, will destroy her husband’s life. Maggie, on the other hand, is already living a troubled life when she discovers a letter about her husband’s first wife. this book is a complex family drama where lies form the basis of relations and truth comes with a hard price.

Releasing: February, 24th

#5 The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty

Anne Morgan faces a setback when her relationship ends with her boyfriend, who was also her boss. Looking for a new job, she stumbles upon a great opportunity to work as a housekeeper for her celebrity idol, Emma Helmsley. However she soon discovers that the seemingly happy family of Emma has many grim realities where Anna seems to have got entangled. moreover her past keeps haunting her. This psychological novel delves into the dark facets of  human minds and reveals the fate of deep-seated truth.

Releasing: February, 28th

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