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November 7, 2016

5 Books You Must Read This November

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A book lover should never be denied of a book. With the festive month just getting over soon, we have got you covered. So grab your cup of coffee, snug into your blanket (for winter is coming!), read these five books and extend your festivals a little longer, which are releasing in November 2016!

#1 Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Release date: November 1

Shelby, a teenager from Long Island had a life changing experience when her best friend’s future is destroyed after meeting with an accident and Shelby walks away guiltily. This guilt takes her to a path so dark that it becomes hard for her to return back to the normal. A girl who is lost is struggling it find herself back. This story is for all those who were hurt as a teenager.

#2 Tranny by Laura Jane Grace

Release date: November 15

Tranny is a searing narration by Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer of a rock band called “Against Me!” It is about her struggle and victory in finding and accepting her sexual identity, as she fought her way for gender transition. This memoir paints a vivid picture of a revolutionary transgender, whose life was laced with problems of sex, drugs, music and failed marriage. This book will inspire all its readers.

#3 The Spy by Paulo Coelho

Release date: November 22

When she first arrived in Paris, Mata Hari was penniless. Soon she rose to become a celebrated woman of Paris. Both as a dancer and courtesan, she enamored the rich and powerful crowd. However the country got engulfed in war, her life came under suspicion and she was declared a spy. While in Paris prison, she wrote about her life in a series of letters. The novel is inspired by the final letter she wrote, a week before her execution. Her only crime was that she was a bold and independent woman.

#4  Victoria, the Queen by Julia Baird

Release date: November 22

Julia Baird magnificently captures the life of Queen Victoria, a woman clouded by many myths. This is a story of love and loss, of strength and weakness and of struggles and victory that Queen Victoria faced in her life. Just like us, she too had her own share of compromises and problems, yet she tried hard to hold on to her identity. A bold and glamorous lady who endured, she was the Victoria of the modern era.

#5 Moonglow by Michael Chabon

Release date: November 22

Moonglow by Chabon is by far the most moving novel. It begins as a deathbed confession of an old man to his grandson. The powerful painkillers take a toll on the old man’s tongue, stirring intense emotions in him which he starts to narrate, uncovering some of the long-buried history. It is a tale of war madness, sex, and desire, resting on existential doubts. This dark novel will keep you hooked for a long time.

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