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January 24, 2016

5 Short Stories by Premchand You Must Read

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Premchand, the pen name adopted by the Hindi novelist, Dhanpat Rai Srivastav, has written nearly 300 short stories and novels. Some of the best books by Premchand are Sevasadan, Rangmanch, Gaban, Nirmala, and Godan. Much of Premchand’s best work is collected in Hindi under the title ‘Mansarovar’. In his early short stories, he depicted the patriotic upsurge that was sweeping Hindustan. His collection of patriotic stories, Soz-e-Watan, was published in 1907 and attracted the attention of British government. In 1914, Premchand switched over to Hindi, by then he was an established Urdu writer. Short stories or afsanas were started by Premchand. His afsanas mirrored the society that he lived in and presented the harsh realities of life. His writing was simple but his work depicted the excellent use of satire and humor.

Some of the greatest books by Premchand are listed below. These are must read by everyone once in a lifetime.

#5 Panch Parmeshwar

This story has a bearing on the impartiality of anyone in the judicial position. Panch Parmeshwar is a story of two childhood friends Jumman Sheikh and Algu Chaudhary. An ideal sarpanch is always objective and unbiased is what the story argues about. The message elicited at the end of the story is much greater and revolves around the values of honesty, justice, integrity and fair play.

books by Premchand-Panch Parmeshwar

#4 Eidgah

A story imbued with kindness and love, is a classic piece of literature which has captivated several hearts since ages. A story about Hamid and her old grandmother begins on the morning of Eid, the festival of Muslims. The story makes one realize that one need not be rich to show acts of kindness.

books By Premchand-Eidgah


#3 Budhi Kaki

A story aptly describing the plight of old people and the inhumane treatment suffered by them at the hands of their own kith and kin, will make every reader teary at the end with a spectacular ending of hope, repentance, and love. A must read for all! This is also one of my favourite short stories written by Premchand. The life depicted of the old woman by Premchand in this book is very touching.

books by Premchand-Budhi Kaki

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#2 Kafan

The story highlights the exploitation of the weaker sections of the society at the hands of the privileged and also how towards the end poverty deprives a dead woman of even basic cremation ceremonies. It’s truly heart-wrenching, bringing to the focus the deplorable condition of farmers in India.

books by Pemchand - Kafan


#1 Poos ki Raat

Having a knack for writing about social issues, Premchand once again captures the societal injustices and the pangs of poverty in this story revolving around a “Poos ki Raat”. Bearing the teeth-shattering coldness of winter, the protagonist struggles to stay alive in the unbearable cold. This is a touching and also a realistic story.

books by Premchand-Poos Ki Raat

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These were some of the best books by Premchand and we all must read these stories as they are not only wonderful but also informative. There are many novels written by Premchand and we have jotted down some of his best works.

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