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March 31, 2017

5 Bizarre and Crazy Harry Potter Fan Theories

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crazy harry potter fan theories

Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. Even after a decade later of the book release and six years after the last movie release, the obsession has not faded a bit. Harry Potter fans love to imagine. They don’t only read the book they live it. Their imagination gave birth to many fan theories. Some of them are believable and some are completely peculiar. Here are five wonderful and crazy Harry Potter fan theories you would love to read.

#5 Harry Potter and Marry Poppins are From The Same Universe

Remember the nanny who used to solve all the problems with her magic? According to a popular fan theory, Mary Poppins graduated from Hogwarts long before Voldemort came to Hogwarts. After completing 7th years in Hogwarts, she decided to help the Muggles with her magic. She used to disguise her wand as an umbrella (just like Hagrid) to keep the Muggles from suspecting her doing the magic. Now we know from where did she learn flying spells and levitation.

crazy harry potter fan theories


#4 Willy Wonka is George Weasley

According to this theory chocolate factory owner, Willy Wonka is none other than George Weasley. After losing his twin Fred in the battle of Hogwarts, unable to cope up George traveled to another time to have a fresh start. He settled in the Muggle world and opened a chocolate factory. This theory actually helps to explain a lot of crazy things in the chocolate factory. Two of them even have some similar chocolate invention. One of them is the chocolate that will get the kids a little sick just to skip the school. Plus, Willy has ginger hair and a quirky sense of dressing. Just like our favorite Weasley twins.

crazy harry potter fan theories


#3 Harry and Sirius Are Blood Relatives

The Black family tree gave birth to this theory that Harry and Sirius are related by blood. According to Black family tree, Dorea Black married to Charlus Potter. And they had a son. Given that the names of James Potter’s parents were never mentioned, the fans concluded they might be parents of James Potter thus Harry’s grandmother was a Black. Though, when the Potter more announced the names of the parents of James Potter, this theory was ruined. But, it was not completely busted, fans just changed it a bit. The new theory is Dorea Black is the grandmother of James Potter, making her the great grandmother of Harry Potter. This is how Harry and Sirius are blood relatives.

crazy harry potter fan theories


#2 Muggles And Wizards Battled With Each Other In Middle Age

Ever wonder why are the wizards are so obsessed with keeping their existence a secret from the Muggles? This theory may have an answer for you. Maybe they are afraid of the Muggles. But, why they’re terrified of Muggles when wizards are clearly more powerful? So, this theory says somewhere in middle age wizards and muggle fought one another and in some way, the muggles defeated the magical folks, destroyed a lot of valuable knowledge, and sent them into hiding.

crazy harry potter fan theories


#1 J. K. Rowling Is A Wizard

This beats all the bizarre and crazy Harry Potter fan theories by far. According to the believer of this theory, the author is a half-blood wizard. She became a popular writer in the muggle world, writing about wizards and their lives. Since the muggles think it is a work of fiction, the wizards could not do anything to stop her from writing in fear of it will risk unveiling their existence.

crazy harry potter fan theories


Were not these bizarre? Yes, these were some of the crazy Harry Potter fan theories which we bought exclusively for their fans.

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