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May 15, 2017

5 Best Rock Cafes in India That Are a Must-see for Music Lovers

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Hard Rock Cafe

India is up-and-coming on the rock music scene and there is nothing like live rock music. Here is a list of the the best rock cafes in India that you must visit!

#1 Someplace Else, Kolkata 

Someplace Else is a renowned pub at the Park Street, Kolkata, India, established in 1994. Someplace Else, is a British style pub dominated rock culture in the city. Unlike other pubs in India, it is the only pub which also hosts quality live music every single night. The pub hosts 3285 hours of live music every year which is the highest anywhere in India and Asia. 


#2 Live n Loud, Gangtok

Kitschy decor, huge space and great food with potent cocktails and live music, this pub hit the nail on the head on every aspect. With live music from prominent bands from the North East such as Eyestill and the likes, this pub is frequented by tourists and locals alike. They has an outdoor space and an indoor live music space and is worthy of a date night as well as a night out with friends. 


#3 Cafe Hendrix, Guwahati

A laid back pub, with blues music and an extensive menu with both Continental and Indian food, this cafe is a fresh change in the Assamese music scene combining both the laid back Assamese atmosphere and the intensity of live music. The interesting thing about the cafe is that it allows up and coming musicians from the North East and allows them to have a public platform to display their talents. 


#4 Bonobo, Mumbai

More of an EDM club than a rock cafe, Bonobo has its moments. With great alcohol and a super vibe, this place is a heaven for music lovers who love a chilled out scene and with friends without too many hang ups. 


#5 High Spirits, Pune

Frequented by the artists from varied genres like Dualist Inquiry and Indus Creed, High Spirits in Pune, the students city makes for a boho vibe with a laid back atmosphere allows tourists and locals to unwind in a chilled out manner.


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