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July 12, 2017

5 Best Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

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As days pass by, we are faced with greater crises when we need to fight to save every little thing we are rightfully entitled to, ranging from speech to human rights, education to love. We need to always remember how to spread love and preserve it. We need to spit love at the face of those who take pride in killing it, in calling it bad names (even anti-social/political/state/constitution and what not) which it cannot ever deserve because in the end, true love, be it of any kind between whoever, never paves ways for wars. Times like these when “All we need is love…” this article gives you the best of love poems to remember Pablo Neruda by-

#1   If you forget me

A poem where the poet promises to be with his lover in every bit and piece of her life and her senses, even if she leaves or forgets him and they are not together anymore. This poem is believed by many to have been written for his wife, while others believe it was written for his homeland. I like to believe the latter since that gives it such a wonderful dimension.

#2  I do not love you

This poem shows the author writing about passionate love, dark at times. He talks about how he loves the beloved. This poem gives lovers the truest and raw lines, all about love-

#3  Love Sonnet XI

This piece deals with sensuality and the ferocity of love. The poem leaves a great impact and instantly consumes the readers as the poet wishes to consume his lover. This poem is a perfect example of how to make the blood in your veins rush with love all over.

#4  And Because Love Battles

This poem is how we all would ideally arrange our answer if asked why we love who we do because they are not “good enough”. Read it to your lover if he or she feels he/she is not worth all the love. We all have our insecure moments and it is our closest ones who can pull us out of it and wrap us up in a warm love blanket, read out a poem or two and make us hot chocolate may be.

#5  A dog has died

This poem is about the poet’s dead dog and a love as pure as this would probably never exist. Man’s best friend, his most loyal comrade has been dogs since time immemorial and this poem brings out the relation like no other. This poem will be loved by dog lovers and people who have had a similar experience of losing their pets, will surely relate and miss their dogs. But be happy that they are in a safe place and that they too will join their pet in heaven for Neruda believes there is “heaven for all dogdom.”


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