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April 22, 2017

5 Best Jules Verne Books To Read

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Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon

Jules Verne is unquestionably one of the best authors who has ever lived on Earth. His imagination power has inspired the readers to imagine beyond the wall of mundane things. The French Writer who is also respected as the “Father of Science Fiction” has written numerous sci-fi stories between the period of 1850-1905. However, he has written books in other genres too. Science fiction is the emerging genre in the field of popular fiction. Similarly, books by Jules Verne have been successful in attracting readership. Because of their popularity, best Jules Verne books have also made their way into cinema. HookedUpon presents a list of five best of Jules Verne’s works that you shouldn’t miss reading.

#1 Twenty Thousand League Under The Sea

Set in 1866, Professor Pierre Aronnax, harpooner Ned Land and Arnnox’s servant Conseil join a voyage to kill a sea monster. As the beast is attacked, it manages to ruin the ship’s rudder, resulting the three of them to hurl into the water. As they grasp hold of the creature, they find it’s a type of ship which can swim underwater- a submarine (which was not discovered at that time). The very reason Jules Verne is called the “Father of Sci-Fi” is because he introduced his readers to such technology much before it was widely discussed amongst the public.

Jules Verne: 2000 Leagues under the Sea


#2 Around The World In 80 Days

Despite being known for his science fictions, Jules Verne’s Around The World in Eighty Days received a lot of appreciation from the public. He introduced us to one most sought out literary explorers -Phileas Fog. After getting involved in a dispute over an article of a newspaper stating, the opening of a new railway section in India has made traveling the world around 80 days possible, Phileas Fogg and his new valet, Jean Passepartout set a journey to prove it true. The expedition begins on 2nd of October, 1872 which leads them into an exciting adventure. This novel was published in the year 1873.

Jules Verne: Around the World in 80 Days


#3 A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

After decoding a cryptic code, which tells about a passage-way to the centre of the Earth, Professor Lidenbrock, his unadventurous nephew Axel and their guide Hans begin a journey to the centre of the Earth and they discover a world full of pre-historic creatures. This novel published in 1864, is surely a page turner. Jules Verne has beautifully merged science and adventure through the themes of time and space.

Jules Verne: Journey to the Center of the Earth


#4 From The Earth To The Moon

This humorous story is about a club of scientists and their president Barbicane, who has planned to design a cannon, which can shoot a projectile to the Moon. First published in the year 1865, Jules Verne develops the plot around post American Civil War period and deeply engages the reader in the obstacles that come for the execution of the plan. It was one of Verne’s preliminary contribution to the world of sci-fiction.

Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon


#5 Master Of The World

This novel published in 1904 is one ofJules Verne’s last works. The story begins in 1903, narrator John Storck, the head inspector in the federal police department travels to North Caroline, to investigate a series of unexplained events. There he meets a genius scientist named Roburs and comes to know about his invention.

Jules Verne: The Master of the World


If you are looking for other books by Jules Verne, we suggest you to read Doctor Ox, Five weeks in a Balloon, Around the Moon, The Child of Cavern, Lighthouse at the End of the World, The Castaways of the Flag and Invasion of the Sea.

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