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November 16, 2016

5 Best Gregory Peck Movies to Watch Anytime

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Gregory Peck movies are some of the most celebrated movies in Hollywood till date. Peck, who was the most admired actors in Hollywood from 40s to 60’s gave us many brilliant performances in the time span. Greg Peck was known as ‘the oh-so-enchanting classic hero’ in his friend circle. The Oscar winning actor is remembered as a humanitarian too and his romantic life with his beloved wife Veronique Peck gives us some relationship goals.  Here are five Gregory Peck movies you should watch right now if you have not watched them yet.

#5 The Snows Of Kilimanjaro

Based on a short story by Ernest Hemingway, Snows of Kilimanjaro is the story of a writer named Harry Street. Harry injures himself and catches a deadly infection while trying to save a porter from a hippo. While waiting for his death, Harry reminisces about his past lover, Cynthia, former fiance countess Elizabeth and present companion Helen.

This classic romantic tale from Gregory Peck movies will not only make you fall for Peck, but the beautiful mountain Kilimanjaro too.

Best Gregory Peck Movies-The Snows of Killimanjaro

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#4 Mackenna’s Gold

This 1969 classic among Gregory Peck films revolves around  a thrilling treasure hunt. The story talks about a legend. According to it, there is an enormous amount of gold hidden  in “Cañon del Oro,” protected by the Apache spirits. Multiple gold hunters have their eyes set on it. Marshal MacKenna (Gregory Peck) is abducted by gangster John Colorado who is under the impression Mackenna has a map which will lead them to the gold. Thus begins their epic journey in search of the fortune which will make the founder rich beyond imagination.

Gregory Peck's Movies-Mackenna's Gold

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#3 Moby Dick

In the 1956 big screen adaptation of the classic novel by Herman Melville, Gregory Peck delivered one of his best performances. The story revolves around Captain Ahab, who almost died in an attack by a gigantic white whale, Moby Dick. Captain Ahab with his new crew and whaling ship Pequod, set his voyage to hunt the enormous mammal. It stands as an evergreen hit among Gregory Peck movies.

Gregory Peck Movies-Moby Dick

Pic Credit -http://www.maritimeprofessional.com

#2 Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is probably the most popular romantic comedy ever and a landmark among movies of Gregory Peck. There are millions of reasons to watch the movie and Gregory Peck is definitely one among them. This story is about a runaway princess Ann, who meets charming reporter Joe Bradley. As they spent a whole day, in Rome they developed a very special bond with the historically enriched city and with each other. Audrey Hepburn as the doe-eyed, inquisitive princess will steal your heart.

Gregory Peck Movies-Roman Holiday

Pic Credit- http://www.bbbshalton.ca

#1 To Kill A Mockingbird

Based on a novel by Harper Lee, the story is set in the early 1930s about a widowed father and town lawyer Atticus Finch, who takes a case of defending a black man who is falsely accused of a crime. Through the series of events, his children came to know about racism and other severe prejudices of the world and maturing at a very tender age. Peck had delivered his best performance in this motion picture. After getting four nominations of The Academy Award in the best actor category Gregory Peck won the award in his 5th nomination for his impeccable performance in this film.

Gregory Peck Movies- To Kill a Mockingbird

Pic Credit-http://www.mynorthbaynow.com

Honorable Mentions: If you’ve already watched those movies, watch The Keys of The Kingdom, Twelve O’ Clock High, Designing Woman and Gentleman’s Agreement. Add these films to your watch list and have a great movie time ahead.

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