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March 2, 2017

5 Best Butter Chicken in India That Are Worth Every Sinful Bite

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When you think butter chicken you think  creamy, sinful and smooth gravy with perfectly cooked soft chicken with fluffy naans, and we tell you where you can find the best butter chicken in India to satisfy your cravings.

Warning: the best butter chickens in India come with a guarantee of tight pants and popper buttons!

#1 Punjab Restaurant, Dehradun

Creamy and tangy with just a hint of sweetness, the butter chicken here never fails to impress. The key is to have it with their crisp and fluffy naans that come straight from the tandoor to your plate.

#2 Farhang, Mumbai

Located in South Bombay (“SoBo”) this eatery is perfect for a late night pit-stop of Butter Chicken with tandoori roti or rice.

#3 Jaisalmer, Kolkata

Juicy pieces of chicken with just the right amount of char, this fancy eatery in the swanky Salt Lake is drenched with thick, orange gravy with the perfect balance of heat and spices.

#4 National, Delhi

In the heart of Delhi, do not expect posh interiors in this place as you might just bump into folks from all walks of life who are too busy stuffing themselves with butter naan and butter chicken to even care. Don’t plan on wearing white, because it will be red/orange by the time you’re done.

#5 Literally anywhere in Punjab

The bespoke dish in Punjab, butter chicken is a must try in any city in punjab. Be it with tawa phulka or naans, the butter chicken in Punjab will never fail to impress!

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